KTTI's Performance in Lotte Hotel

I had so much fun during our Indonesian traditional dance group's performance in Lotte Hotel, Seoul on last Friday. It was debut for 7 of our new members and 3 of them are foreigners! It was so great (and also the dinner, kkk)! Here are some photos of our team after the performance. Photos courtesy of Florian, our dance instructor. Thank you Kak Flo! ^^

Have a nice Monday, everyone :)

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  1. Wah... Kayaknya seru.. Oh iyaa... Aku udah terima kartu pos darimu.. Makasiiiiiih.. Maaf ya belum sempet ngirim balik.. Aku cari kartu posnya dulu yaaaah..

  2. Hahaha, ga apa-apa mba bebe, senang kalo kartu posnya udah diterima :D Kalau mba bebe masih mau kirim kartu posnya, dikirim ke Indonesia aja yak, heuheu.