Have Fun Go Mad

had some fun with these lovely girls 8 hours before i returned to Indonesia. Thank you sooo much for Indri, for shared your time and your willingness to made a trip from Daejon to Seoul in the middle of the night, I really appreciated it! Widhi and Hesti, thank you for all of the stories, laughs and journeys that we ever shared! I am so glad to meet you, girls! :)


I dedicated this second graduation for my beloved parents. :)


Final Performance

Yesterday was my last performance with KTTI for ASEAN-Korean Centre's event in Lotte Hotel (again~) and we danced Lenggang Nyai, a traditional dance from Jakarta. I'm really happy that i could perform this dance as my final performance with KTTI and we did great on that night! It was so glad to know that the audience like and appreciated it. In particular, they love the colorful costume!


First Look

The graduation ceremony will be held on next Monday, but since today i got my graduation gown, let's  took a sneak peek!. Heuheuheu! 


KTTI's Performance in Lotte Hotel

I had so much fun during our Indonesian traditional dance group's performance in Lotte Hotel, Seoul on last Friday. It was debut for 7 of our new members and 3 of them are foreigners! It was so great (and also the dinner, kkk)! Here are some photos of our team after the performance. Photos courtesy of Florian, our dance instructor. Thank you Kak Flo! ^^

Have a nice Monday, everyone :)


Break A Leg!

Tonight, our Indonesian Traditional Dance Group will have a performance in Lotte Hotel, Seoul. Hope we can show our best! Break a leg! :D


Lucky Breaks

Learn more.

Do more.

Care more.

See more.

Sweat more.

Be more!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone :*