The Power of Imagination

Animals have souls.... I have seen it in their eyes (Pi patel)

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I promised myself to watch Life of Pi right after i finished my thesis submission. I've read the book on 2005 and i really like the story! but even after finished my thesis, i spending much time in laboratory to learning about DNA extraction and PCR. Such a new field for me, though but i am sure it would be a great experience before i leave :)

So yesterday i went to Lotte Cinema with Widhi to watched Life of Pi in 3D version. It was soooo epic! I like the fantastic story at the first time and went to praised the visual effects on it! Thanks to Ang Lee and his team! From its opening scene in Pondicherry Zoo,India, this movie is filled with unbelievable colors, and those colors only get richer once Pi is left at sea with Richard Parker.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from this movie: the sparkle ocean at night, the mysterious island that full of cute Meerkats, and the hellacious storm. It was terrific!! 

Overall, this movie really brings the novel into life with its magical feel and (again) show show me the power of nature and animals. :) 

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