Tokyo Panya

Seoul Garosu-gil is an area lined with fashionable boutiques and restaurants and is popular within youth Koreans (truly, they are so fashionable! And too bad i was too lazy to take pictures outside since the weather is freaking cold today and i always hiding my hands inside the pockets!!), and my today destination is situated in Garosu-gil. 

Tokyo Panya, a small Japanese Bakery run by Japanese baker, Yasuma Fujiwara who used to work for Angelica Bakery in Tokyo after coming back from New York. Pan-ya is the Japanese word for bakery and here they serve various types of breads, cake rolls and also drinks. What makes this bakery popular? i've read some reviews and they said that the bakery taste in Tokyo Panya is really Japanese-style bread. Maybe that's why they have this catchphrase: "The Japanese taste you don't have to go to Japan for". 

Have a delicious weekend! :)

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  1. iya di jepang rotinya enak-enak dan bentuknya bagus:), tapi kbnyakan emulsifiernya dari babi . Be carefull mbak :)

    koreksi : Pan-ya itu bukan bakery artinya . Pan = roti, ya=kedai/toko.
    Panya = toko roti :)

  2. Waaah kayaknya enak2 rotinya. Disini ga ada toko roti jepang gitu. Paling banter cuma sushi, itu pun jarang yang jepang asli :(

    1. Enak mba roti-rotinya (biarpun cuma nyobain 2 biji karena harganya di atas toko roti biasa :p) Dan salah satu Bakernya guanteeeng! #salah fokus