DIY: Fill It With Notes!

Got inspired from a posted in  Mak Winda's blog called best moment jar. 

The idea is to fill an empty jar with notes about good things that happens throughout this year. Then at the end of the year empty it and see what awesome stuffs happened. Hmm, what a good idea, right?

Here is my own jar, you also can make your own and let's fill it with notes of good things happens in our life! :D

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  1. hi Rahayu..
    my name is Fariza... I found your blog 1 month ago..by searching Ewha Womans University.. I really enjoy your blog and it's helped me to know more about the university. I am also EGPP student and will come to Ewha in the end of this Feb. As a muslim.. can I know is it difficult to find HALAL food there? appreciate if you can advise me TQ :)

  2. cute ideas!
    anw, don't forget to join my giveaway! :)

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  3. Hi Fariza! Congratulation for the scholarship! I think we will meet on Feb 22nd because we will have the EGPP meeting. If you mean Halal food that certified by Moslem federation and has 'halal' label on it, it's kinda difficult. But, in my experience i still try to eat chicken and avoid foods if it doubtful or i'm not sure whether is made by chicken, beef or pig. But there's area name Itaewon, not very far from Ewha and you can buy foods there. Hope it can help you :)

  4. Tq Rahayu.. happy to know you're still in Ewha until this Feb. As a student and solo traveler. I hope I can make new friends who are traveling as well. I also hope can met any Malaysian or Indonesian there because our culture and language are not too different. If you don't mind, can I have your email address? because I don't know anybody there.. I need someone to advise me when I'm doing the preparation. Hope you can help me.. :)

  5. Here's my email address: toa_dfreaque@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me :)

  6. ihhiiiyyy, asiiik...
    makin semangat karena makin rame yg ikutan...

  7. Ihiiiiy! Makasih mak Winda buat inspirasinya! :D

  8. Wooow.. That's really great idea. I'll follow it too.. Thanks for sharing suhu ayuu and Mak Winda (sok kenal gini ekye) hehehehehe :)