A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In the lab, We have a special desk in the middle of our students room where every time my Prof. receives new books, journals, magazines or even newspaper he will put it there and expects that his students gonna read it. Hehehe. And today my Prof. brought a new book for us, but unfortunately it is in Korean. The title of this book is "Funky Southeast Asia" I don't know exactly about the content but it has a tons of pictures that describes tradition, cultures, foods and community from five Southeast Asia's countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. 
There, I found some interesting pictures in Indonesian part, like one of world's best food: Rendang (Oh my, makes me wanna go home soon TT) and the most expensive coffee in the world: Luwak coffee. 

Besides, some ironic pictures also showed like a slum area in Jakarta with skyscrapers as the background. 

I found this picture in last page and somehow this picture is disturbing (there are two kids are smoking, the boy and the girl with yellow shirt, she also hold a cigarette!) It reminds me of Ardi Rizal, a two years old boy from Sumatera who made a global headlines in 2010 for having a 40-a day cigarette habit!!

I hope the government could be harder to introduce regulation to ban selling cigarettes for children! 

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  1. Kok makin banyak ya anak2 yang ngerokok.. Huhuhu.. Sedih banget liatnya :(

  2. Banget mba! Ga tahu juga sih ini fotonya diambil kapan, cuma dari 5 negara asia tenggara, yang ada foto anak kecil merokok cuma di bagian Indonesia aja T__T