2012 in Review

2012 has been one of the busiest year ever and for me, it is kind of a marathon event! Isn't it amazing to see how time flies? Praise to the God who made all things possible and thank you for showering me with uncounted blessings and surrounded me with these amazing people which make my life more bountiful :) 

I want to highlight some good things from 2012:

For the first 6 months started from February, i conducted my research in Halimun, Indonesia. It is always feels good to go back to the field. And without help of these awesome fields assistants, my research had never been done :) Thanks a lot, guys!

During 2011, i missed some wedding events of my friends :( and fortunately in 2012 i had a chance to attended Mayang's wedding! She's my closest friend when we were in the middle school. So glad i could made it! 

and also gathered with my old friends is always being a good times! Thanks folks!

Back to Korea, instantly got busy to analyzed my data and prepared my thesis in my last semester. But meanwhile, i had an opportunity to attended one conference in one beautiful place in Korea: Jeju Island! Yaiiiy! and i also met my former professor and colleague in the conference. What a small world! 

One of my 'to-do list' during my time here is to visit Nami Island (since it has been known as must visit place), i forget why i couldn't go last year, but this year i went there with my Indonesian friends in the most perfect beautiful season: Autumn. 

Also in 2012, i met one of the legendary Primatologist that i put a big respect to her: Jane Goodall; and had an opportunity to discussed with her in person is one moment that i won't forget. And here's one quote from her, "Just remember, if you are really and truly determined to work with animals, somehow, either now or later, you will find a way to do it. But you have to want it desperately, work hard, take advantage of an opportunity and never give up" 

Mia and Della were come to Seoul at the end of November. It was sooo fun to spent some time with them here, even though i couldn't accompany them everyday. Thanks for coming, dear :*

And finally, the moment of truth. The Thesis Defense at December 20th 2012 and it had been done very well!. The hard work really paid off! I am halfway of the graduation! Sooo yaiiy!

No matter what, family is always being the most important thing in my life, and i am so thankful having a supportive family beside of me and thanks to them for always believing in me and encouraging me with their best wishes :)

And for you in our 4th year, again, thank you for always being there, and being you :)

Cheers to 2013, I hope the next step in my life will be a dream come true and wishing you all a very happy new year! 

Let's living life to the fullest! 

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  1. wah pulang kampung ni ceritanya ,,,wellcome back and i hope your research succes

  2. wow keren, ketemu jane goodall. selamat untuk tesisnya :)