Mission (almost) Accomplished!!

And finally, i can breath freely! (err.. almost)

I just finished the most important step during my last semester here, called Thesis Defense (sounds intimidated, huh?) it's an oral examination where i had to presented the results of my research in front of the committee. Nothing more stressful than this moment! Truly! 

The day of thesis defense was nerve-wracking!! I even freaked-out in the last minutes with all negative thoughts spinning around my head! But at the end, Alhamdulilah, i could passed it really well! Everything went better than i expected, I could answered the questions with relevant answers and didn't speak too fast during the presentation. Thanks a bunch to you, yes you for being my partner to practiced and asked me a lot of questions critically one night before the defense, so i could prepare better :)

Sooooo glad finally i could finished it!!! Fufufu! As for now, i have one week to revise my thesis with minor change. Hope everything's gonna work smoothly :)

Feels like the sun even shines brighter, and the most important is welcome back the 8 hours sleeping time. :D

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  1. congratulation....!!!
    "Hope everything's gonna work smoothly", aamiiin...