2012 in Review

2012 has been one of the busiest year ever and for me, it is kind of a marathon event! Isn't it amazing to see how time flies? Praise to the God who made all things possible and thank you for showering me with uncounted blessings and surrounded me with these amazing people which make my life more bountiful :) 

I want to highlight some good things from 2012:


Mission (almost) Accomplished!!

And finally, i can breath freely! (err.. almost)

I just finished the most important step during my last semester here, called Thesis Defense (sounds intimidated, huh?) it's an oral examination where i had to presented the results of my research in front of the committee. Nothing more stressful than this moment! Truly! 

The day of thesis defense was nerve-wracking!! I even freaked-out in the last minutes with all negative thoughts spinning around my head! But at the end, Alhamdulilah, i could passed it really well! Everything went better than i expected, I could answered the questions with relevant answers and didn't speak too fast during the presentation. Thanks a bunch to you, yes you for being my partner to practiced and asked me a lot of questions critically one night before the defense, so i could prepare better :)

Sooooo glad finally i could finished it!!! Fufufu! As for now, i have one week to revise my thesis with minor change. Hope everything's gonna work smoothly :)

Feels like the sun even shines brighter, and the most important is welcome back the 8 hours sleeping time. :D


Let the thesis madness begin!

One day before the thesis defense. Let the thesis madness begin!

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Just realized this is the first picture of me and my roomie since we are living together for like almost 2 years! And it was taken last night when our scholarship held an event called special dinner with Ewha's president. The buffet was awesome, by the way :D

I'm gonna miss you, Josie T__T


From My Mailbox

Japan - Indonesia - Netherlands - Lithuania - Australia - Russia - Spain - Canada - England - Malaysia.

Awesome postcards from around the world that i received within 2 weeks. Yaiy!!


An Artwork by Kaka

An artwork of Javan Gibbon (owa jawa) created by Maria Agustina Kaka. Awesome! Gonna use it for my presentation. Thanks a whole bunch ka! :*


Brought From His Trip

Gw : Car, mana oleh-oleh? (bertanya pada si pacar yang baru pulang dari lapangan)

Pacar : Nih... (transfer foto)

Gw : Yaiy! Save as, open:

It's Set!

The Thesis defense date has been set! It's 2 weeks away!! 

Take a deep breath, release it slowly and believe that I can do it!! 

Ps: Frankly, panic attack comes first.

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