It's UEE, not Yui

To be frank, K-Pop is not my interest, but if you see this picture, you gonna say i have to swallow my words. Hehehe! This picture was taken in Ssamzie-gil, Insadong on last weekend when me and Widhi passed through a courtyard in the middle of Ssamzie-Gil and saw many people lined up and said that one K-Pop star gonna come to promoted a coffee products. It's attracted Widhi of course, (FYI, Widhi is one of five authors of a book 'Jalan-Jalan K-Pop' and it's been a new fact for me! I just knew it last week after i tweeted about i hanged out with Widhi and one of my friend mentioned me that Widhi is the author of that book and admin of a Twitter account also with same name like the book) Wow! Proud of you, Wid! :D

Anyway, we stopped by and Widhi's instinct brought her to joined in line, me? of course i also joined in line with different purpose: get a free coffee's samples. Yaiy! After stood in line for about 15 minutes, some people pointed out to one girl wearing a brown coat and walked accompanied by two bodyguards and people started to screamed and called her name 'YUI!! YUI!!!' When she's appeared in the stage, she said some words (of course in Korean and i don't know what did she said) and start to gave a cup of coffee for the visitors. She's very thin! No wonder, i think, all of the K-Pop Stars are thin and look similar until i can't distinguished one each other.

And still at the end, i had no idea who is she until Widhi explained about her to me. She's a member of girl group called After School and also she played in some dramas (err?) 
Even, i did wrong to write her name, it supposed to write down as UEE not YUI

Last picture of me Credit to Widhi :*

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  1. I think she is very thin too .but all korean girls band almost like that,nice to know you blog .and cant wait for next posting

  2. hahahaaa pantes aq ga ngeh pas mba nanya aq kenal yui ga. yui mah di jepang mba...

    1. Errr,Yui yang di Jepang? tetep ga kenal -__-

  3. aku jg gak tau kalo ada yui korea juga (ternyata nulisnya uee)hehe. kalo yui (jepang) emang dah lama ngetop nya skitar 2004 an kalo gak salah :-D

  4. sekurus apa kak, kl dsini kaya sapa? :D