Beautiful Nami

Nami island or Nami seom actually is not a real island , it was made as result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Located in Gangwon province, Nami island is named after general Nami, who led a victory against the rebels in the 13th year of Jeseon dynasty. 

In particular, this tiny island gaining a popularity through a TV drama 'Winter Sonata' in 2002, still, i have not watch it before but i think i've heard the famous theme song of it. Besides, Nami island also famous for its beautiful trees lined roads, it has a wide grassplot, chess nut trees, birches, maples, and Ginko trees. There are many ways to get there, you can find more complete information about it in here and for me, i prefer used a subway from Ewha subway station, the closest station from my place and got transfer to Jungang line   (Sangbong station) and stop at Gapyeong station. It takes about almost 2 hours, and one tip from me, from Gapyeong station, it's better to takes a taxi (cost less than KRW 3,000) than bus to Nami wharf. 

Such a long way, huh? Don't worry, we almost arrive :) In the Nami wharf, you can buy a ticket ( KRW 8,000) as an entrance fee and it's including the round trip of ferry ride. The ferry depart every 15-20 minutes.

Therefore, you need at least half day to visit Nami island and take your time to enjoy this island by foot or rent a bicycle. :)

The ferry boat
Mermaid statue

The gate

Famous tree line road

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  1. whoaa...mermaidnya sudah selesai diperbaiki ya sis?...ckk..ckk...!! too bad, ketika bulan maret kemarin aq kesana,mermaidnya sedang dalam perbaikan..T_T.

    anyways,ur blog is Nice sis :) salam kenal ya :)


  2. Oh, pernah diperbaiki ternyata Mermaidnya ya.. Hehe, malah dapet info baru ^^

    Terima kasih, Salam kenal juga :)