Islamic Cultural Festival

Seoungbuk global Village Center in Seoul hosted an event called Islamic Cultural Festival in Seongbuk Fountain Square on last saturday to introduced Islamic cultures both for Koreans and foreigners. This event also held to introduced art crafts and traditional foods from some Islamic countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and of course Indonesia! (say hello to Pempek, Mie ayam and Siomay!!). 

It's like food party especially for me and Widhi, since we could bought some traditional foods from various countries like Turkish kebab, barbecue chicken, lamb ribs, Saudi Arabian rice with ram, Turkish famous ice cream, etc in the one place! And all of those foods was HALAL!! noted that! H-A-L-A-L! 
Frankly, we didn't tried all of those foods, except if we want to spent more than 30,000 KRW just for lunch TT. After a quick discussion, we decided to bought some-looks-like favorite foods between visitors. So our marathon-menu for lunch was: Siomay, Pempek, chicken kebabs (surprisingly, we got it for free because the Turkish guys has some Friends from Indonesia and he said Indonesian people are nice and kind! and he loves Indonesian people! yaiy!), Egyptian lamb ribs and for dessert : a piece of cheese cake. Yummy!

Oh, i almost forgot to mentioned there was special performance of Belly dance from err.. some middle east country? And yeah, for sure it attracted people to watched. 

Actually this event was held from 12 -8 PM but we just stayed until around 3 PM because we had another destination to visited on that day, and i'll show it later :)

Barbecue Chicken , free for Widhi and I :D

Turkish Kebab
Noted it! Halal! :D

The crowd

Widhi with two Turkish girls

and.. Belly dancer!

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