Eulalia Festival at Haneul Park

The number of public spaces and parks in Seoul as the capital city are still mesmerize for me (i compared it with situation in Jakarta, where there's almost zero green public space but plenty of shopping malls exist, instead). There are more than 12 parks with size less than 50,000 square meters until more than 150,000 square meters around the city and it's free of charge! Some parks was designs by Seoul Government and some belongs to the private company. 

One of the Eco-parks which designed by Seoul government is Haneul Park. Haneul means sky in Korean, it is one of the five parks around World Cup Stadium and it is located in the highest elevation among them. 

Who ever imagined once Haneul Park was a massive mountains of garbage with measuring over 90 meters in height! (Then, suddenly my mind goes to Bantar gebang, Jakarta's landfill area) and a project named Landfill Recovery Project transformed this huge garbage area into an environment-friendly park. This park alone covers some 192,000 square meters of grassland fulfilled with Eulalia and Cogon grass. 

Actually, those are the main attraction of this park and a festival called Seoul Eulalia Festival is held every year on October when the silver grass is in its full bloom all across Haneul Park.

Since it designed as eco-friendly park, five wind power generator was built to produce electricity as nonpolluting energy resource for street lamps around World Cup Park and the methane gas from landfill has been recycled as fuel around World cup stadium and apartments nearby. 

And here are some pictures of Eulalia in Haneul Park as the main Attraction for me. Enjoy! :)

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  1. it'll be super nice if Bantar Gebang can be transformed to something like Haneul Park. It's just... beautiful~!