Another Piece from Naksan Park

So, obviously, there is another mural village close to Ihwadong, it called Jangsu village (err.. maybe dong means village, sorry, i don't show any progress in Korean until now, hehe). Kak Flo, my Indonesian friend a.k.a. our dance instructor gave me that information. So, last saturday Kak Flo, Nadia, Qonita and i went there, and (again) we visited Naksan Park, but this time we prefer to took a shuttle bus which exactly arrive in front of Naksan Park. 

So first, we passed through Naksan Park which is located inside of Seoul fortress wall (opps, i didn't explained much about it in my previous post). Seoul fortress wall was built by Joseon Dynasty in 1395 to protect the capital by linking four mountains with circumference around 17 km, but most part of it was destroyed during the Japanese occupation. In 2011, the Seoul fortress wall was rebuilt and repaired by Korean government as cultural inheritance to show the history of Seoul to people. 

Then, we stepped into Jangsu Village. Similar like Ihwadong, Mural in Jangsu village also part of "art of city" project that brought by Korean Ministry of culture, sports and tourism in 2006. Dozens artists and local residents paints murals in walls, staircases even in poles. 

I was surprised there were no tourists around Jangsu (except us), maybe it is less expose than Ihwadong? I am not really sure, in fact murals in Jangsu are better in condition and more colorful! Beside, its location is close from Naksan Park and Ihwadong.  So, if you plan to visit Seoul, note this places, put it under your itinerary and visit these three spots all in once in your trip :)

These last two pictures are belong to Florian. Thanks Kak FLo to shared this picture. I love your camera by the way. kkk.

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