A Bit Taste of French

Have you ever read a classic book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)? I read it umm.. maybe several years ago. It's a story about a little boy who leaves his home in asteroid... (err, i forget name of the asteroid) to looking for some friends and somehow he lands in the middle of Sahara dessert, and then the story is begin.. i have a favorite line from this book : "grown ups really are very very odd" and yeah, it's true.. :D

Anyway, I visited a tourist resort that takes about one hour from Seoul with my Korean friend, Soojung Ham, called Petite France. The entire resort is set to the concept of "little prince" book and it was built by a Korean who loves the The Little Prince story sooo much (He must be rich, though). The resort is located on the hilltop and surrounded by mountains, the buildings itself are in European style with high roof and bright colors and all the houses are arranged to overlook the lake. Such a view! (Beside it was crowded when i went there and it didn't felt like i was in the middle of a French Village)
The entrance fee is 8,000 KRW for adult and i heard all of the materials and decorations are from French. Here we can see the gallery displaying French sculptures and paintings, Orgel House where an old music box plays a classic melody (and creepy for me), a museum dedicated to The Little Prince's author, a bistro and some Little Prince figures around the resort. And if you familiar with one Korean drama "Beethoven Virus" (I'm not by the way), this resort is the shooting location and there is a room called Kang Maestro's working room where shows photos and signatures from the actors and actresses of that drama. 

There is not much things to do in Petite France, but as like the name, you can taste  a little piece of French's atmosphere here (except the fact when i went there it was occupied by local tourists --").

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