Happy Birthday Dear Andi.

All of my best wishes are always with you :)


Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. Keep the faith. Be positive.

(Ndoro Kakung)


Date (s)

and here it comes, a long long long night having a date with my lovely data. Dear data, please be nice to me and show me your significant result, pleaseeee!


Are We Under The Same Weather?

When i walk through the street with the outside temperature stay around 9-10°C, and randomly saw some local girls still wearing mini skirts or short pants meanwhile i'm wearing two layers of warm clothes, i'm wondering one thing :

Are we under the same weather?


Eulalia Festival at Haneul Park

The number of public spaces and parks in Seoul as the capital city are still mesmerize for me (i compared it with situation in Jakarta, where there's almost zero green public space but plenty of shopping malls exist, instead). There are more than 12 parks with size less than 50,000 square meters until more than 150,000 square meters around the city and it's free of charge! Some parks was designs by Seoul Government and some belongs to the private company. 

One of the Eco-parks which designed by Seoul government is Haneul Park. Haneul means sky in Korean, it is one of the five parks around World Cup Stadium and it is located in the highest elevation among them. 

Who ever imagined once Haneul Park was a massive mountains of garbage with measuring over 90 meters in height! (Then, suddenly my mind goes to Bantar gebang, Jakarta's landfill area) and a project named Landfill Recovery Project transformed this huge garbage area into an environment-friendly park. This park alone covers some 192,000 square meters of grassland fulfilled with Eulalia and Cogon grass. 


Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

나홀로 나무 (Alone Tree) At Olympic Park, Seoul

The photo spot, It is forbidden to cross line and enter the field around the tree to get closer and get better photo shot (some people still do that though, and suddenly one man who i suspected the guard will yelling and ask you to go back to the border loudly).

Islamic Cultural Festival

Seoungbuk global Village Center in Seoul hosted an event called Islamic Cultural Festival in Seongbuk Fountain Square on last saturday to introduced Islamic cultures both for Koreans and foreigners. This event also held to introduced art crafts and traditional foods from some Islamic countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and of course Indonesia! (say hello to Pempek, Mie ayam and Siomay!!). 

It's like food party especially for me and Widhi, since we could bought some traditional foods from various countries like Turkish kebab, barbecue chicken, lamb ribs, Saudi Arabian rice with ram, Turkish famous ice cream, etc in the one place! And all of those foods was HALAL!! noted that! H-A-L-A-L! 


Happy Weekend!

It just popped out from my head, suddenly i grabbed my scarfs from closet and made it as a big SMILE on my bed! :D 

I was smiling yesterday, i am smiling today and i will smile tomorrow!

Have a nice weekend y'all! :D

A Bit Taste of French

Have you ever read a classic book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)? I read it umm.. maybe several years ago. It's a story about a little boy who leaves his home in asteroid... (err, i forget name of the asteroid) to looking for some friends and somehow he lands in the middle of Sahara dessert, and then the story is begin.. i have a favorite line from this book : "grown ups really are very very odd" and yeah, it's true.. :D

Anyway, I visited a tourist resort that takes about one hour from Seoul with my Korean friend, Soojung Ham, called Petite France. The entire resort is set to the concept of "little prince" book and it was built by a Korean who loves the The Little Prince story sooo much (He must be rich, though). The resort is located on the hilltop and surrounded by mountains, the buildings itself are in European style with high roof and bright colors and all the houses are arranged to overlook the lake. Such a view! (Beside it was crowded when i went there and it didn't felt like i was in the middle of a French Village)


Cute Little Thingy

My roommate made this cute little Hanbok actually for her students (She is a part time English teacher for kids), but since accidentally i screamed (err.. lil bit excessive) and told her that it is very cute, she just gave it free for me and she said that i need it more than her students, She's afraid i could cry if she refused to give it. Hahahaha! (well, maybe i can use that excuse someday if i am asking something from her :p)

Thanks Josephine *Hugs*