Sunday Walk in Old Part of Seoul (Part 3)

Yesterday, after visited Ihwadong-the mural village we headed back to Daehangno. Daehangno is known as "college street" because many universities remain in the area including Korea National Open University, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Sungkyunkwan University. Also in Daehangno, you can find a lot of movie theaters, outdoor performance stages and art exhibition halls scattered around. 

Luckily, when we were there, there was a street performance by young talents including magic show, err..contest i think, which presented by these two cute Korean guys, and yeah, they were successfully attracted the crowds and instantly got fans (i saw two girls approached them to take pictures. kkk).

Another street performance was these living statue. Living statue refers to artists who pose like a real statue and painted their body with make up and i heard they do it for couple of hours as art performance. It was pretty cool and i wonder how they could control they  breath, patience and sit or stand in the same position for a long time..

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