Sunday Walk in Old part of Seoul (Part 1)

Even take a walk in an old neighborhood could be interesting. Today hesti, Widhi and i went to Ihwa-dong, or more known as Ewha Mural Village located between Daehangno and Naksan park. To reach this place you can take subway and stop at Hyewha station (line 4) exit no. 2 and go straight for around 200 m until you find these poops :D, turn left, and ready to hike towards Naksan park. Just some tips, if you're wearing a heels, it's better to leave it behind.

So, finally after climbed these stairs up, half way more to reached Naksan Park, we arrived in the old street of Inhadong where murals not just painted on the wall but also on the stairs. I saw some tourists already there when we arrived, Hesti told me that this area become popular after it was broadcast on local television. Sadly, some murals already erased, cover by vandalism:( or worn away because of long years without maintenance. 

However, you still can enjoy some great murals, take pictures as many as you can and have fun with it :)  Well, it's better to directly see the pictures. Enjoy! 

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