I Called It .... Escape

To supported a program called Visit Korea year 2010 - 2012, Korean government have a special offer for foreigners : Free Shuttle Bus Service from Seoul to two destinations, Jeonju and Busan. Noted this: IT IS FREE!!! of course as long as you are foreigners :D. Just grab this chance before the end of this year!

The bus service operating everyday except on Mondays. How to apply? Just choose your desire route and date, then submit your information and then check your email to confirm reservation. And only passengers who apply 10 days before boarding date will receive the boarding ticket via email. Don't forget bring your passport upon boarding date. The depart time from Seoul is at 08:00 and back to Seoul from Busan at 4:00 PM. Don't try to be late, since this Bus is very very on time! 
The bus was great with double-single seats, wide space for your legs and loaded for 25 passengers. The passport-checked guy. Err.. i don't know how to called him, he's not a guide since he won't accompanied you during your trip in Busan (and each passenger has different destination), but he still would love to give you any information about your destination and how to reach it, he's very nice though :) and he gave a red ginseng candy as a small gift for all passengers. I don't like the taste, even i tried to drink more water and ate another snack to removed the taste, it still stuck in my mouth for a while --". 

So, yes, i've applied for Seoul - Busan route for last Tuesday (it means on weekday when i supposed to go to the lab and showed something promising about my research to my Prof. but instead, i just run from him, :p bad, bad, student...) If you have a question why i chose weekday instead of weekend, i already have the answer : it's already full booked on the weekends. 

Anyway, it was my first time to go to outside Seoul just by myself! It's totally fine and i kind of excited to start my journey, even though i just have less than 3 hours free time and spent almost 10 hours (back and forth) in the road, because i did an one day trip (even the guy who responsible to checked our passport and accompanied us in the bus doubted my stupid idea to did an one day trip to Busan! He asked me several time: "are you sure?" is it okay? you just have 2 hours free!") But i make it though :D 

We arrived in Busan at 1:00 PM and he reminded me to get the bus at 4:00 PM in Lotte Hotel (Seomyeon station) as boarding point. So, i started my journey :D Thanks again to him for gave me a brochure about Busan Tourist Map. i started with BIFF Square in nampo-dong, the brochure said just stop in Jagalchi station exit no. 7 and 5 minutes walk (go straight and turn left). But as the Master of Lost, instead of reached the square, i went to Jagalchi Market, where you can smell seafood everywhere. Umm.. then i decide just run back to the station, catch the subway and go to the beach! (I already wasted my precious 35 minutes!!! arrghh!!). 

I headed to Gwangali beach as the second most popular beach in Busan (after Heundae beach), it takes about 40 minutes by subway and continued by 15 minutes walk from Gwangan station. Actually the passport-checked Guy recommended me to go to Heundae Beach as the popular spot for tourists, but after calculated my time it's gonna takes more than one and half hour to and fro, and if i reached that beach, i wouldn't have enough time to catch the bus back to Seoul. 

So, after a long long walk, FINALLY!! i saw the beach, complete with the gently waves, sand group of Seagull, the best part was just few people around, i could counted it, it less than 10 people!! Perfect!

I spent my precious 30 minutes there, played with sand, took pictures (it was cloudy, too bad), had my lunch and try to catch the Seagull, (completely moron for that idea). Then i back to the station a little bit rush and headed to the boarding point. I arrived there exactly at 3:55! and guess what, i was the only one passenger in the bus (not counted the driver and passport checked Guy). When i get onto bus, there was a girl from Taiwan who want to get onto bus but she's not allowed since the rules is very strict: one way trip from other cities to Seoul is strongly restricted under any circumstances. I feel sorry for her, also the Passport-checked Guy, but he couldn't do anything, he don't want to get fired though. i wish she could get another option to go back to Seoul safely. 

On our way headed to Seoul, the bus was stop in the rest area for 15 minutes, and a little stupidity happened there. After went to toilet, chatted for couple minutes with the passport-checked guy and the driver, then i return to the bus. Since i was the only passenger, i walked around the aisle and just lay in the back seat. Meanwhile, beyond my ken, the driver and the passport checked guy was looking for me, because they saw me get onto bus, but they didn't see me in my usual seat! *scary music plays*   They didn't want to walk beyond aisle and checked every seats because it was dark and they were scary. So after a while, i showed myself and back to my seat and they were so shocked and the passport guy looked at me and asked " where have you been??? it's so creepy you know, you just came from out of nowhere!" Hahaha!!  

Well, everything was fine after that and the return trip was quite fast, we arrived in Seoul at 8:00 PM and the passport checked guy handed me more red ginseng candy as souvenir --" 

Over all, it was a nice trip and full of experience, like the old saying : a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step :) And yes, i can't wait for the next journey!! 


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  1. bagian supir dan petugasnya ketakutan dan gak berani cek ke bagian belakang bus itu gak banget deh hihihi.

  2. Hahaha! iya mba, kirain orang sini ga takut hantu, ternyata sama aja. Hehehe.