Finally, Jeju Island!

Just a quick update (with more photos of course :P) since this blog is dying for almost 2 months! 

I attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju Island last week with my Prof. and two lab mates. Thanks to my Prof, who give me a full support to attended that congress, hehehehe (It's very expensive you know, two day pass for local participant cost about 100,000 won! Not included your meals, accommodation and transportation). 

Except attended the congress, we had a chance to visited some popular places in Jeju, such as Seongsan Ilchulbong, it formed by the volcanic activity and known as the best spot to watch the sunrise (well,we didn't see it though, we visited that place at noun). And also in this place, we could see haenyeo, jeju's famous female divers, they dive for seafood and seaweed with (for me) unsafety scuba gear. However, because of modernization, nobody want to work as Haenyeo, just few haenyeo are still actively working, and they are quite old. 

So, talking about the congress, it is kind of global summit that represents many aspect of conservation, from governments, international NGOs, academia and local association. The forum events was consisted of workshops, poster session, pavilions and exhibition. There were almost 100 exhibitors from various NGOs and local organization, one foundation from Indonsia (KEHATI) also participated on this event, too bad, three times i visited the booth, it was empty. Also there were special booth (the biggest one i think) by Korea Tourism Organization, they offered an experience of Korean culture and it was opened for public (except for Korean). Didn't want to wasted this chance, me and my lab mates tried to make our own herbs (actually the traditional herbs already prepared, you just put it inside and had fun to stamp your own herb's bag) and experienced traditional tea ceremony. 

The great part during this congress was i met Bu Miki, she's a lecturer from my former university, IPB and i met Yunus, by chance! He was studied in same faculty with me, in the same year and now he's working for some institution in Papua. What a small world! 

Oh, and the last picture, it is a very special request from Jojo, here it is Jo, the signed cup by Bigbang.Enjoy! :)

The Haenyeo, make one performance for visitors

View from Seongsan

We got lost, truly!

it's his first time to draw someone with hijab ^^

What a small world!

And Bu Miki, see you later Bu!

Special for Jojo :*

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  1. hmmmm,,,,bagus ya mbak tempatnya...take me there... :)

  2. Still, can't compete with Bali or Lombok pi :P