Another Piece from Naksan Park

So, obviously, there is another mural village close to Ihwadong, it called Jangsu village (err.. maybe dong means village, sorry, i don't show any progress in Korean until now, hehe). Kak Flo, my Indonesian friend a.k.a. our dance instructor gave me that information. So, last saturday Kak Flo, Nadia, Qonita and i went there, and (again) we visited Naksan Park, but this time we prefer to took a shuttle bus which exactly arrive in front of Naksan Park. 

So first, we passed through Naksan Park which is located inside of Seoul fortress wall (opps, i didn't explained much about it in my previous post). Seoul fortress wall was built by Joseon Dynasty in 1395 to protect the capital by linking four mountains with circumference around 17 km, but most part of it was destroyed during the Japanese occupation. In 2011, the Seoul fortress wall was rebuilt and repaired by Korean government as cultural inheritance to show the history of Seoul to people. 


Before I Sleep

Smells like picnic, isn't it? 

i've seen your face under every sky
Over every border and on every line
you know my heart more than i do
we were the greatest, me and you

But we had time against us and miles between us
The heavens cried, i know i left you speechless
But now the sky has cleared and it's blue
and i see my future in you

(Adele - I'll be waiting)


Welcoming Autumn

This picture was taken in Autumn 2011, i can't wait to "photo hunting"  again in this autumn. kekekek..


These Actually Happens

These comics really describing my life lately (avoiding my professor as fast as i can, get paranoid even when he says hello and expecting my brain will get fresh ideas after sleep --").

Source: PHD comics


Sunday Walk in Old Part of Seoul (Part 3)

Yesterday, after visited Ihwadong-the mural village we headed back to Daehangno. Daehangno is known as "college street" because many universities remain in the area including Korea National Open University, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Sungkyunkwan University. Also in Daehangno, you can find a lot of movie theaters, outdoor performance stages and art exhibition halls scattered around. 

Luckily, when we were there, there was a street performance by young talents including magic show, err..contest i think, which presented by these two cute Korean guys, and yeah, they were successfully attracted the crowds and instantly got fans (i saw two girls approached them to take pictures. kkk).

Sunday Walk in Old part of Seoul (Part 2)

Since i took plenty pictures yesterday, i tried to separated my post into several parts and this one special for Hesti and Widi.  *hugs* 


Sunday Walk in Old part of Seoul (Part 1)

Even take a walk in an old neighborhood could be interesting. Today hesti, Widhi and i went to Ihwa-dong, or more known as Ewha Mural Village located between Daehangno and Naksan park. To reach this place you can take subway and stop at Hyewha station (line 4) exit no. 2 and go straight for around 200 m until you find these poops :D, turn left, and ready to hike towards Naksan park. Just some tips, if you're wearing a heels, it's better to leave it behind.


I Called It .... Escape

To supported a program called Visit Korea year 2010 - 2012, Korean government have a special offer for foreigners : Free Shuttle Bus Service from Seoul to two destinations, Jeonju and Busan. Noted this: IT IS FREE!!! of course as long as you are foreigners :D. Just grab this chance before the end of this year!

The bus service operating everyday except on Mondays. How to apply? Just choose your desire route and date, then submit your information and then check your email to confirm reservation. And only passengers who apply 10 days before boarding date will receive the boarding ticket via email. Don't forget bring your passport upon boarding date. The depart time from Seoul is at 08:00 and back to Seoul from Busan at 4:00 PM. Don't try to be late, since this Bus is very very on time! 

Finally, Jeju Island!

Just a quick update (with more photos of course :P) since this blog is dying for almost 2 months! 

I attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju Island last week with my Prof. and two lab mates. Thanks to my Prof, who give me a full support to attended that congress, hehehehe (It's very expensive you know, two day pass for local participant cost about 100,000 won! Not included your meals, accommodation and transportation). 

Except attended the congress, we had a chance to visited some popular places in Jeju, such as Seongsan Ilchulbong, it formed by the volcanic activity and known as the best spot to watch the sunrise (well,we didn't see it though, we visited that place at noun). And also in this place, we could see haenyeo, jeju's famous female divers, they dive for seafood and seaweed with (for me) unsafety scuba gear. However, because of modernization, nobody want to work as Haenyeo, just few haenyeo are still actively working, and they are quite old.