Distorsi Otak

Ketika gw menunggu antrian di bank, ketika gw ngobrol sama anak-anak lab, ketika gw menunaikan tugas suci di toilet, ketika gw ngasih makan Assam (si burung gagak piaraan lab), dan ketika gw marathon nonton Grey's Anatomy, cuma ini yang ada di otak gw:

Kamuh, kamuh, kamuh, tunggu aku pulaaaaaaaaang yaaaa!!Ham ham ham!!  ^0^


From the other side of globe

Today, i just received 9 postcards in the same time! (one postcard series from Bernadeta in Poland, 3 anime's postcards from Akiko Watanabe in Japan; with matching stamps! cool!! and one from my favorite illustrator: Aldriana Amir in Indonesia) added with one photo as a gift from Soojung Ham. Thanks for all of your kindness, and for Soojung, i'll meet you on August for another adventure! :D

A postcard series from Poland