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I just read an article about Stephen Hawking in washingtonpost.com written by Elizabeth Flock. This world's great physicist has turns 70 years old. Actually, i don't know much about him either his complex research except his theory about black hole and he has featured on one US cartoon show-The Simpsons. To know better about him and his biography, you can refers to his main website, Wikipedia or other sources. 

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Anyway, here are six lessons that Stephen Hawking has taught in his 70 years based on the article that i've read (and i take it as quotes and new lesson for today):

1. We will never have all the answers

2. Knowledge is best put to use when shared

3. Learn the lessons of history

4. Study what fuels your passion

5. Never lose your voice

6. Genius shouldn't always be associated with precocity.

I bold printed those two points as my favorite :) Which one is yours?

Happy Monday all! 

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