Live The Life You Imagine

As like Forest Gump (1994) says, Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Alhamdulilah, Allah is always kind. 2011 just passed with a lot of good events, Thanks God for giving me opportunity to fulfilled my 2011 with a lot of joys and valuable lessons and please let me through 2012 with other adventure to discover :)

And here are my top list in 2011:

1. 2011 was the first time i experienced four season all at once in one year! I always dreaming about how does it feel living in the four season country? and Alhamdulilah, God giving me this opportunity to see His incredible nature with some beauties on its own. Pretty Spring, Tough Summer, bittersweat Autumn and silvery-toed slippers of snow in Winter.

2. Back to the stage-start in 2011. A long long time ago, my mom enrolled me at one Indonesia traditional dance club just with one purpose: makes me more feminine. and as you can guess, it doesn't work. For almost 5 years i learnt all of those dances with forces by my mom and then i quit because that was not my place. And it would surprise her if she know now, i'm doing something that i hate before without any forces. Hehehe. As like Mother Gothel said to rapunzel : Mother knows best. :)

3. Went to Japan in 2011. Since teenager, i keep a dream that someday no matter how i will go to Japan, just with one stupid purpose: get a real version of Manga book! Ok, i know it sounds ridiculous, but i still keep that dream until last July i had a chance went to Kobe, Japan! and again, I learnt one thing: as long as we believing, we have a power to make dreams come true. :)

4. Every person is a new door to a different world. Meeting new people, whether young or old and make friends with them is something that add values in my life. These friendship teaching me to appreciate any kind of differences; difference in cultures, languages, habits and personalities and it encourage me to grew up :) 

And now facing 2012, it's gonna be year full of adventure i hope. I'm going to start my research in Indonesia (errr.. proposal presentation first on this month), get a good quality data (it must!), meet my absurd-loving family (absolutely miss them so much!), BF, old friends and my pets!!! - write my thesis and ready to graduate on the next year Insyaallah :)

Hope you will also have a great moments ahead! An Adventure is waiting for us! :)

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