Korea Postage Stamp Museum

I swapped a postcard with somebody from Germany and he requested me to send him a postcard with unique stamp from Korea because he is a stamp collector. Errr, since i always sending my postcard directly from the post office and let the officer to stick any kind of stamp on my postcard, so, for that special request, yesterday i went to Korea Postage Stamp Museum with Soojung Ham. I am not a stamp collector but visited this museum and see various kind of stamps based on the history, have a wide range of themes and how it change through the years it's so impressive for me. Another thing that i loved from museums in Korea is attractiveness. Not just let visitors get information from available brochure but it also provide interactive tools to let visitors engage in various hands-on experiences and i think it would be interesting for kids, especially in this time, when kids more familiar with electronic gadgets, send messages with just press a button, this kind of museum that completed with interactive tools could be one medium as learning space not just for kids but also for us :)

The exhibition gallery

Sending real mail. I missed this time :)

I like this design :)

Some of stamps collection through events

Stamps to bring home

After that, we left the museum to Myeongdong and passed these chimneys. Actually i passed this road several times but i never put any attention to these chimneys until Soojung told me about function of it in the old times. So, before postage service existed, these chimneys used as medium to send messages from government to people. If smoke come out from left chimney, it announced some good news, but if the smoke come out from the middle one it announced bad news and if it come out from the right chimney it announced emergency news. What a system! It reminds me about Pope election in Vatican, smoke from chimney used as messenger to people and world. To choose a Pope, each cardinal elector should write the name of his choice in ballot and balloting is still continues until someone is elected by two-third majority. And when the vote is unsuccessful, the ballots will be burned along with a chemical compound to produce a black smoke and when the vote is successful, the ballots will be burned alone and sending white smoke to announce the world the new pope has been elected.

I think Indian people also used smoke to deliver message, isn't it? and I'm wondering how about in Indonesia, do we also have this smoke-as-messenger culture in the old times?

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