Eating The Poop!

Last sunday, after went to Korea Postage Stamp Museum  with Soojung Ham, we continued our trip to Ssamziegil-Insadong. Insadong has been known as a central of artworks in Korea, Instead of buy some antiques, we were interested in one small stall that sell a unique snack: 똥빵 (Doong Bang) A poop-shaped bread.Even it just a small stall, but i think it succeed to attracted people to buy their product (look at the queue), perhaps either by the unique shape or because of the taste. For me, it was both. Hehehe. 

Doong bang cost 2,000 won (around Rp.16,000) for 3 pieces and it has red bean paste inside with a soft bread texture and i think it goes great with coffee *drooling*. Oh, and it came with a cute paper bag with an instruction to eat the Poop bread, then poop (hehe), inspect your poop and use the stars and smiley face in the bottom of the paper bag to rate your poop quality. LOL!! Well, i didn't try it though.

Anyway, I suggested you to put 'eat poop bread' in your list when you have a plan to go to Insadong. :)

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  1. iiihh jorooookkk~ Hahahaha!! keren tuh idenya, coba bikin cireng e'ek ah di bogor! laku gak yaa? :D

  2. bukannya itu beneran ada campuran poopnya dikit ya?

  3. @Arman: bikin man, bikin, ntar promosinya kasih ke gw dulu. hehehehe.

    @arfan: --" --" --" --"