Cireng Addicted

Only God knows (well, also my BF, umm, Manda too, my mom, and... ok, ok, i think everybody knows) how i missed  my favorite Indonesian deep fried ever: CIRENG (I'm drooling!!! I'm drooling!!!). Some people told me Cireng is easy to make (yeah, i bet i can) but again, as my top excuse: it's not allowed to cooking in my dormitory, hehehe and i just love to eat not to make (don't mention me with my posted several days ago about cooking plan).

So, as one not-too-bad solution to stop me drooling, and complained about how to get Cireng in here, i try Korean deep fried set called: Twiggim. Twiggim is mixed deep fried including kind of Tempura, Squids, sweet potato, sesame leaves, and starch noodles covered by seaweed or flour which cut into small pieces. It cost 2,500 won/set (about Rp. 20,000!!) yes, i know it's sooo expensive if i compare it with Indonesia's currency and i could get more than 20 cireng with that price. But since it sell in a set, you can't buy it separately and it including several deep fried, so it's ok though. Although it can't change the sticky taste of cireng. 


Twiggim from Jaws ddokpokgi 

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