Eating The Poop!

Last sunday, after went to Korea Postage Stamp Museum  with Soojung Ham, we continued our trip to Ssamziegil-Insadong. Insadong has been known as a central of artworks in Korea, Instead of buy some antiques, we were interested in one small stall that sell a unique snack: 똥빵 (Doong Bang) A poop-shaped bread.Even it just a small stall, but i think it succeed to attracted people to buy their product (look at the queue), perhaps either by the unique shape or because of the taste. For me, it was both. Hehehe. 

Doong bang cost 2,000 won (around Rp.16,000) for 3 pieces and it has red bean paste inside with a soft bread texture and i think it goes great with coffee *drooling*. Oh, and it came with a cute paper bag with an instruction to eat the Poop bread, then poop (hehe), inspect your poop and use the stars and smiley face in the bottom of the paper bag to rate your poop quality. LOL!! Well, i didn't try it though.


Korea Postage Stamp Museum

I swapped a postcard with somebody from Germany and he requested me to send him a postcard with unique stamp from Korea because he is a stamp collector. Errr, since i always sending my postcard directly from the post office and let the officer to stick any kind of stamp on my postcard, so, for that special request, yesterday i went to Korea Postage Stamp Museum with Soojung Ham. I am not a stamp collector but visited this museum and see various kind of stamps based on the history, have a wide range of themes and how it change through the years it's so impressive for me. Another thing that i loved from museums in Korea is attractiveness. Not just let visitors get information from available brochure but it also provide interactive tools to let visitors engage in various hands-on experiences and i think it would be interesting for kids, especially in this time, when kids more familiar with electronic gadgets, send messages with just press a button, this kind of museum that completed with interactive tools could be one medium as learning space not just for kids but also for us :)

Cireng Addicted

Only God knows (well, also my BF, umm, Manda too, my mom, and... ok, ok, i think everybody knows) how i missed  my favorite Indonesian deep fried ever: CIRENG (I'm drooling!!! I'm drooling!!!). Some people told me Cireng is easy to make (yeah, i bet i can) but again, as my top excuse: it's not allowed to cooking in my dormitory, hehehe and i just love to eat not to make (don't mention me with my posted several days ago about cooking plan).

So, as one not-too-bad solution to stop me drooling, and complained about how to get Cireng in here, i try Korean deep fried set called: Twiggim. Twiggim is mixed deep fried including kind of Tempura, Squids, sweet potato, sesame leaves, and starch noodles covered by seaweed or flour which cut into small pieces. It cost 2,500 won/set (about Rp. 20,000!!) yes, i know it's sooo expensive if i compare it with Indonesia's currency and i could get more than 20 cireng with that price. But since it sell in a set, you can't buy it separately and it including several deep fried, so it's ok though. Although it can't change the sticky taste of cireng. 


Twiggim from Jaws ddokpokgi 


Do Do Wu

Looked at my mailbox this evening and found a cute owl postcard from Willie at Taiwan there and it's singing: Do do wu... do do wu ^^. Thanks Willie! Wish i can visit your country someday :)

Oh, by the way Alhamdulilah, my presentation was great and got a good feedback from my Professor about the better technical method in the field.

Yeah! I am ready to go to the field!!! 


Today, i have to present my proposal and research plan in front of the committee and other lab members.

Wish me luck.


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Sometimes, i'm thinking to learn something that i hate: learn how to cook. 

Hey you, you change me a lot...

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Push Your Limit!

I went to the embassy yesterday for dance practice and this year, we will learn some dances from Kalimantan and for accessory we'll need coconut leaves as a basic material. But facing the reality that we are living in subtropical country which is difficult to find coconut leaves (even coconut trees itself), or ask somebody to send it from Indonesia (well, okay it doesn't make sense) we have to rack our brains, and Kak Flo, got the idea to replaced coconut leaves with the cardboard (kertas karton; ind) coloring it with green crayon, twist it and voila! It works! We got new accessory, looks similar with coconut leaves and even more long lasting!

And just a note for today, situation won't let you loose any ideas and creativity, just rack your brains, thinking more, and when fresh idea pops out from your head, do and make it happen!  :)

Not bad huh? :D


Another Sun Flower

Lalalalala! Just received a postcard and this is the first time i got postcard from Luxembourgh. Soooo happy, the postcard is so cute and it's sun flower! Absolutely my favorite one :) Thanks Caroline!


       Our mind

             our room. 


Today's Quotes

I just read an article about Stephen Hawking in washingtonpost.com written by Elizabeth Flock. This world's great physicist has turns 70 years old. Actually, i don't know much about him either his complex research except his theory about black hole and he has featured on one US cartoon show-The Simpsons. To know better about him and his biography, you can refers to his main website, Wikipedia or other sources. 

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Anyway, here are six lessons that Stephen Hawking has taught in his 70 years based on the article that i've read (and i take it as quotes and new lesson for today):

1. We will never have all the answers

2. Knowledge is best put to use when shared

3. Learn the lessons of history

4. Study what fuels your passion

5. Never lose your voice

6. Genius shouldn't always be associated with precocity.

I bold printed those two points as my favorite :) Which one is yours?

Happy Monday all! 


Legenda Ayu Nan Toa

Ayu, nama panggilan yang dengan indahnya diberikan oleh kedua orangtua gw yang berharap anaknya akan seputih dan selembut kapas ini hancur lebur luluh lantak dengan kelakuan gw yang rada-rada plus kulit gw yang jelas ga putih. Sampai saat gw memasuki era Galih dan Ratna (baca:SMA, ketauan deh gw angkatan tua --") berubahlah nama indah yang gw sandang itu menjadi Toa. Hampir semua temen sekolah yang gw kenal manggil gw dengan nama Toa. Toa? yes, i know it's a brand of sound equipment. Kenapa Toa? 

Menghirup napas panjang dan... beginilah ceritanya (ambil cemilan) ...


Live The Life You Imagine

As like Forest Gump (1994) says, Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Alhamdulilah, Allah is always kind. 2011 just passed with a lot of good events, Thanks God for giving me opportunity to fulfilled my 2011 with a lot of joys and valuable lessons and please let me through 2012 with other adventure to discover :)

And here are my top list in 2011:

1. 2011 was the first time i experienced four season all at once in one year! I always dreaming about how does it feel living in the four season country? and Alhamdulilah, God giving me this opportunity to see His incredible nature with some beauties on its own. Pretty Spring, Tough Summer, bittersweat Autumn and silvery-toed slippers of snow in Winter.

2. Back to the stage-start in 2011. A long long time ago, my mom enrolled me at one Indonesia traditional dance club just with one purpose: makes me more feminine. and as you can guess, it doesn't work. For almost 5 years i learnt all of those dances with forces by my mom and then i quit because that was not my place. And it would surprise her if she know now, i'm doing something that i hate before without any forces. Hehehe. As like Mother Gothel said to rapunzel : Mother knows best. :)

3. Went to Japan in 2011. Since teenager, i keep a dream that someday no matter how i will go to Japan, just with one stupid purpose: get a real version of Manga book! Ok, i know it sounds ridiculous, but i still keep that dream until last July i had a chance went to Kobe, Japan! and again, I learnt one thing: as long as we believing, we have a power to make dreams come true. :)

4. Every person is a new door to a different world. Meeting new people, whether young or old and make friends with them is something that add values in my life. These friendship teaching me to appreciate any kind of differences; difference in cultures, languages, habits and personalities and it encourage me to grew up :) 

And now facing 2012, it's gonna be year full of adventure i hope. I'm going to start my research in Indonesia (errr.. proposal presentation first on this month), get a good quality data (it must!), meet my absurd-loving family (absolutely miss them so much!), BF, old friends and my pets!!! - write my thesis and ready to graduate on the next year Insyaallah :)

Hope you will also have a great moments ahead! An Adventure is waiting for us! :)



There's another 366 pages ready to discover :)

Happy New Year everyone! 

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