2012 in Review

2012 has been one of the busiest year ever and for me, it is kind of a marathon event! Isn't it amazing to see how time flies? Praise to the God who made all things possible and thank you for showering me with uncounted blessings and surrounded me with these amazing people which make my life more bountiful :) 

I want to highlight some good things from 2012:


Mission (almost) Accomplished!!

And finally, i can breath freely! (err.. almost)

I just finished the most important step during my last semester here, called Thesis Defense (sounds intimidated, huh?) it's an oral examination where i had to presented the results of my research in front of the committee. Nothing more stressful than this moment! Truly! 

The day of thesis defense was nerve-wracking!! I even freaked-out in the last minutes with all negative thoughts spinning around my head! But at the end, Alhamdulilah, i could passed it really well! Everything went better than i expected, I could answered the questions with relevant answers and didn't speak too fast during the presentation. Thanks a bunch to you, yes you for being my partner to practiced and asked me a lot of questions critically one night before the defense, so i could prepare better :)

Sooooo glad finally i could finished it!!! Fufufu! As for now, i have one week to revise my thesis with minor change. Hope everything's gonna work smoothly :)

Feels like the sun even shines brighter, and the most important is welcome back the 8 hours sleeping time. :D


Let the thesis madness begin!

One day before the thesis defense. Let the thesis madness begin!

Source from here


Just realized this is the first picture of me and my roomie since we are living together for like almost 2 years! And it was taken last night when our scholarship held an event called special dinner with Ewha's president. The buffet was awesome, by the way :D

I'm gonna miss you, Josie T__T


From My Mailbox

Japan - Indonesia - Netherlands - Lithuania - Australia - Russia - Spain - Canada - England - Malaysia.

Awesome postcards from around the world that i received within 2 weeks. Yaiy!!


An Artwork by Kaka

An artwork of Javan Gibbon (owa jawa) created by Maria Agustina Kaka. Awesome! Gonna use it for my presentation. Thanks a whole bunch ka! :*


Brought From His Trip

Gw : Car, mana oleh-oleh? (bertanya pada si pacar yang baru pulang dari lapangan)

Pacar : Nih... (transfer foto)

Gw : Yaiy! Save as, open:

It's Set!

The Thesis defense date has been set! It's 2 weeks away!! 

Take a deep breath, release it slowly and believe that I can do it!! 

Ps: Frankly, panic attack comes first.

source: here


Time to Say Goodbye

Here it comes, the time to say goodbye to Autumn. 

When a little puff of wind came, took the leaves up and turned it over and over, and whirled it like a spark of fire in the air and then dropped it gently down to the ground, among hundreds of leaves around.


It's UEE, not Yui

To be frank, K-Pop is not my interest, but if you see this picture, you gonna say i have to swallow my words. Hehehe! This picture was taken in Ssamzie-gil, Insadong on last weekend when me and Widhi passed through a courtyard in the middle of Ssamzie-Gil and saw many people lined up and said that one K-Pop star gonna come to promoted a coffee products. It's attracted Widhi of course, (FYI, Widhi is one of five authors of a book 'Jalan-Jalan K-Pop' and it's been a new fact for me! I just knew it last week after i tweeted about i hanged out with Widhi and one of my friend mentioned me that Widhi is the author of that book and admin of a Twitter account also with same name like the book) Wow! Proud of you, Wid! :D

Anyway, we stopped by and Widhi's instinct brought her to joined in line, me? of course i also joined in line with different purpose: get a free coffee's samples. Yaiy! After stood in line for about 15 minutes, some people pointed out to one girl wearing a brown coat and walked accompanied by two bodyguards and people started to screamed and called her name 'YUI!! YUI!!!' When she's appeared in the stage, she said some words (of course in Korean and i don't know what did she said) and start to gave a cup of coffee for the visitors. She's very thin! No wonder, i think, all of the K-Pop Stars are thin and look similar until i can't distinguished one each other.

And still at the end, i had no idea who is she until Widhi explained about her to me. She's a member of girl group called After School and also she played in some dramas (err?) 
Even, i did wrong to write her name, it supposed to write down as UEE not YUI

Last picture of me Credit to Widhi :*


The East Palace

When is the best time to visit some mainstream tourism objects like palaces in Seoul? It could be in the morning, when it less crowded and you don't have to stand in a long line for the ticket. I prepared my self to visited Cheongdeokgung at 9:00 AM (whaaaat?) ya, i had to reduced my bed time to visited this place. Hehehe. 

Why i chose Cheongdeokgung instead of Gyeongbokgung or the other palaces around Seoul? Because Gyeongbokgung is too famous, it's been no. 1 palace to visit in Seoul and it's too crowded, really! Differ from more formal Gyeongbokgung, Cheongdeokgung looks calm, peaceful and more quiet. And in my opinion, Autumn is the best season to visit Cheongdeokgung because the autumn foliage is at its most beautiful. 

Cheongdeokgung was built during Joseon dynasty in 1405 and it is the second oldest royal palace (after Gyeongbokgung) in Seoul. As the major buildings during Japanese invasion, this palace was burned to ground until it reconstructed in 1610 and served as the main palace for about 270 years until Gyeongbokgung was finally rebuilt in 1868. And again, it was destroyed during Japanese occupation (1910 to 1945) and the restoration was begun in 1991. Like the other historical places, it represents the harshness of its past. The palace was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.


When The Art Gone Wild

On my way to Samcheongdong this noon, i saw this huge 3/4 naked Mona Lisa and somehow, it's creative! Look at the way they changed a boring fence space into a work of art, and it's attracted me (also other pedestrians, i think) to took her picture. Hehehe. 

That Mona Lisa's figure is a teaser for the museum's opening titled "Naked Museum" by UUL National Art Museum. It's still under construction now and scheduled to open in 2013. 

Interested to visit, anyone? :)


Scent of Autumn

When the leaves are changing their colors into red and yellow and creates some mystical atmosphere with the nature. 

Location: Nami island

Beautiful Nami

Nami island or Nami seom actually is not a real island , it was made as result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Located in Gangwon province, Nami island is named after general Nami, who led a victory against the rebels in the 13th year of Jeseon dynasty. 

In particular, this tiny island gaining a popularity through a TV drama 'Winter Sonata' in 2002, still, i have not watch it before but i think i've heard the famous theme song of it. Besides, Nami island also famous for its beautiful trees lined roads, it has a wide grassplot, chess nut trees, birches, maples, and Ginko trees. There are many ways to get there, you can find more complete information about it in here and for me, i prefer used a subway from Ewha subway station, the closest station from my place and got transfer to Jungang line   (Sangbong station) and stop at Gapyeong station. It takes about almost 2 hours, and one tip from me, from Gapyeong station, it's better to takes a taxi (cost less than KRW 3,000) than bus to Nami wharf. 


Seoul Lantern Festival 2012

Seoul lantern festival is the annual event held by Korean Government since 2009 along Cheonggyeceon stream as a plan to attract more visitors and it's running for 17 days, start from last Friday, Nov 2. Every year the festival has different theme, like last year the theme was "Stories of Seoul's past" and for this year is "The lifestyles of our ancestors". 

It's a wrong wrong time to visited there during a weekend, especially on Saturday night, so one tip for me it's better to make your way to the lantern festival on weeknights to avoid the weekend crowd and don't forget to wearing some warm clothes and gloves since the weather is getting cold these days. 


Educational Mind Maps

I'm trying to implement these ways below to stay focus on my work (It's very hard to stay away from those social media and checking emails though).

Have a blessed weekend, y'all! 

Source here


Happy Birthday Dear Andi.

All of my best wishes are always with you :)


Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. Keep the faith. Be positive.

(Ndoro Kakung)


Date (s)

and here it comes, a long long long night having a date with my lovely data. Dear data, please be nice to me and show me your significant result, pleaseeee!


Are We Under The Same Weather?

When i walk through the street with the outside temperature stay around 9-10°C, and randomly saw some local girls still wearing mini skirts or short pants meanwhile i'm wearing two layers of warm clothes, i'm wondering one thing :

Are we under the same weather?


Eulalia Festival at Haneul Park

The number of public spaces and parks in Seoul as the capital city are still mesmerize for me (i compared it with situation in Jakarta, where there's almost zero green public space but plenty of shopping malls exist, instead). There are more than 12 parks with size less than 50,000 square meters until more than 150,000 square meters around the city and it's free of charge! Some parks was designs by Seoul Government and some belongs to the private company. 

One of the Eco-parks which designed by Seoul government is Haneul Park. Haneul means sky in Korean, it is one of the five parks around World Cup Stadium and it is located in the highest elevation among them. 

Who ever imagined once Haneul Park was a massive mountains of garbage with measuring over 90 meters in height! (Then, suddenly my mind goes to Bantar gebang, Jakarta's landfill area) and a project named Landfill Recovery Project transformed this huge garbage area into an environment-friendly park. This park alone covers some 192,000 square meters of grassland fulfilled with Eulalia and Cogon grass. 


Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

나홀로 나무 (Alone Tree) At Olympic Park, Seoul

The photo spot, It is forbidden to cross line and enter the field around the tree to get closer and get better photo shot (some people still do that though, and suddenly one man who i suspected the guard will yelling and ask you to go back to the border loudly).

Islamic Cultural Festival

Seoungbuk global Village Center in Seoul hosted an event called Islamic Cultural Festival in Seongbuk Fountain Square on last saturday to introduced Islamic cultures both for Koreans and foreigners. This event also held to introduced art crafts and traditional foods from some Islamic countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and of course Indonesia! (say hello to Pempek, Mie ayam and Siomay!!). 

It's like food party especially for me and Widhi, since we could bought some traditional foods from various countries like Turkish kebab, barbecue chicken, lamb ribs, Saudi Arabian rice with ram, Turkish famous ice cream, etc in the one place! And all of those foods was HALAL!! noted that! H-A-L-A-L! 


Happy Weekend!

It just popped out from my head, suddenly i grabbed my scarfs from closet and made it as a big SMILE on my bed! :D 

I was smiling yesterday, i am smiling today and i will smile tomorrow!

Have a nice weekend y'all! :D

A Bit Taste of French

Have you ever read a classic book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)? I read it umm.. maybe several years ago. It's a story about a little boy who leaves his home in asteroid... (err, i forget name of the asteroid) to looking for some friends and somehow he lands in the middle of Sahara dessert, and then the story is begin.. i have a favorite line from this book : "grown ups really are very very odd" and yeah, it's true.. :D

Anyway, I visited a tourist resort that takes about one hour from Seoul with my Korean friend, Soojung Ham, called Petite France. The entire resort is set to the concept of "little prince" book and it was built by a Korean who loves the The Little Prince story sooo much (He must be rich, though). The resort is located on the hilltop and surrounded by mountains, the buildings itself are in European style with high roof and bright colors and all the houses are arranged to overlook the lake. Such a view! (Beside it was crowded when i went there and it didn't felt like i was in the middle of a French Village)


Cute Little Thingy

My roommate made this cute little Hanbok actually for her students (She is a part time English teacher for kids), but since accidentally i screamed (err.. lil bit excessive) and told her that it is very cute, she just gave it free for me and she said that i need it more than her students, She's afraid i could cry if she refused to give it. Hahahaha! (well, maybe i can use that excuse someday if i am asking something from her :p)

Thanks Josephine *Hugs*


Another Piece from Naksan Park

So, obviously, there is another mural village close to Ihwadong, it called Jangsu village (err.. maybe dong means village, sorry, i don't show any progress in Korean until now, hehe). Kak Flo, my Indonesian friend a.k.a. our dance instructor gave me that information. So, last saturday Kak Flo, Nadia, Qonita and i went there, and (again) we visited Naksan Park, but this time we prefer to took a shuttle bus which exactly arrive in front of Naksan Park. 

So first, we passed through Naksan Park which is located inside of Seoul fortress wall (opps, i didn't explained much about it in my previous post). Seoul fortress wall was built by Joseon Dynasty in 1395 to protect the capital by linking four mountains with circumference around 17 km, but most part of it was destroyed during the Japanese occupation. In 2011, the Seoul fortress wall was rebuilt and repaired by Korean government as cultural inheritance to show the history of Seoul to people. 


Before I Sleep

Smells like picnic, isn't it? 

i've seen your face under every sky
Over every border and on every line
you know my heart more than i do
we were the greatest, me and you

But we had time against us and miles between us
The heavens cried, i know i left you speechless
But now the sky has cleared and it's blue
and i see my future in you

(Adele - I'll be waiting)


Welcoming Autumn

This picture was taken in Autumn 2011, i can't wait to "photo hunting"  again in this autumn. kekekek..


These Actually Happens

These comics really describing my life lately (avoiding my professor as fast as i can, get paranoid even when he says hello and expecting my brain will get fresh ideas after sleep --").

Source: PHD comics


Sunday Walk in Old Part of Seoul (Part 3)

Yesterday, after visited Ihwadong-the mural village we headed back to Daehangno. Daehangno is known as "college street" because many universities remain in the area including Korea National Open University, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Sungkyunkwan University. Also in Daehangno, you can find a lot of movie theaters, outdoor performance stages and art exhibition halls scattered around. 

Luckily, when we were there, there was a street performance by young talents including magic show, err..contest i think, which presented by these two cute Korean guys, and yeah, they were successfully attracted the crowds and instantly got fans (i saw two girls approached them to take pictures. kkk).

Sunday Walk in Old part of Seoul (Part 2)

Since i took plenty pictures yesterday, i tried to separated my post into several parts and this one special for Hesti and Widi.  *hugs* 


Sunday Walk in Old part of Seoul (Part 1)

Even take a walk in an old neighborhood could be interesting. Today hesti, Widhi and i went to Ihwa-dong, or more known as Ewha Mural Village located between Daehangno and Naksan park. To reach this place you can take subway and stop at Hyewha station (line 4) exit no. 2 and go straight for around 200 m until you find these poops :D, turn left, and ready to hike towards Naksan park. Just some tips, if you're wearing a heels, it's better to leave it behind.


I Called It .... Escape

To supported a program called Visit Korea year 2010 - 2012, Korean government have a special offer for foreigners : Free Shuttle Bus Service from Seoul to two destinations, Jeonju and Busan. Noted this: IT IS FREE!!! of course as long as you are foreigners :D. Just grab this chance before the end of this year!

The bus service operating everyday except on Mondays. How to apply? Just choose your desire route and date, then submit your information and then check your email to confirm reservation. And only passengers who apply 10 days before boarding date will receive the boarding ticket via email. Don't forget bring your passport upon boarding date. The depart time from Seoul is at 08:00 and back to Seoul from Busan at 4:00 PM. Don't try to be late, since this Bus is very very on time! 

Finally, Jeju Island!

Just a quick update (with more photos of course :P) since this blog is dying for almost 2 months! 

I attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju Island last week with my Prof. and two lab mates. Thanks to my Prof, who give me a full support to attended that congress, hehehehe (It's very expensive you know, two day pass for local participant cost about 100,000 won! Not included your meals, accommodation and transportation). 

Except attended the congress, we had a chance to visited some popular places in Jeju, such as Seongsan Ilchulbong, it formed by the volcanic activity and known as the best spot to watch the sunrise (well,we didn't see it though, we visited that place at noun). And also in this place, we could see haenyeo, jeju's famous female divers, they dive for seafood and seaweed with (for me) unsafety scuba gear. However, because of modernization, nobody want to work as Haenyeo, just few haenyeo are still actively working, and they are quite old. 


Please Be A Responsible Visitor

It is so miserable to see this male Orangutan get used to begging for food from visitors, and some unresponsible visitors throw any kind of food that possibly could be harm them like spicy potato chips,  peanuts even plastic bottle!!!! Please be a responsible visitor, never ever feed the animals! It could be funny and entertaining for you, but not for them! 


Have a Long & Happy Together

May love and understanding go on increasing with each passing day! 

May you have a beautiful future and lovable life 
dear Mayang and Mas Herwin :)

Happy wedding day! 

ps: The decoration was fabulous! I love it! 


Dari Mana Mba?

Hal bodoh dan dodol bisa gw perbuat di mana saja dan kapan saja. 

Contoh, sabtu kemarin saat gw mendadak diwawancara oleh reporter salah satu stasiun TV yang sedang liputan di halimun dan tanpa sengaja, rombongan yang isinya si reporter, kameraman, babang bawa tripod (gw ga tau istilah buat yang satu ini, ummm.. tripodman?) dan 2 orang bapak polhut ketemu gw yang baru pulang pengamatan, jadilah gw berasa artis karbitan tanpa script yang langsung hilang akal pas diwawancara (maklum, kelamaan di hutan, jarang liat orang, kamera, apalagi diwawancara!). Dan inilah bentuk kedodolan + ke'ga nyambungan' gw saat diwawancara:


Be Brave!

Take Risks!

Nothing can substitute experience.

                                                                                                                          -Paolo Coelho-


Prodly Present: Kumkum

The newest picture of Kumkum (he is the juvenile male from one group of Javan Gibbon in Halimun Salak National Park).


Doru Idolaku

Kali ini gw mau mengenalkan personil lain di camp (selain tiga asisten yahud gw) bernama Doru. Doru adalah kucing betina yang udah jadi sesepuh di camp sejak tahun 2007. Dari pertama kali kemunculannya, Doru udah premaaaaan!! Matanya cuma satu, hasil  dari pertarungan dengan kucing lain (umm.. yang ini gw ngarang bebas, hehe)

Ga sembarang kucing jantan bisa kawin sama Doru, tapi cuma kucing pilihan yang sekuat macan (err.. terdengar seperti iklan Biskuat) yang Doru pilih, dan pilihan Doru jatuh ke si Lutung: kucing jantan besar berwarna hitam penguasa camping ground (kelak, hampir semua anak Doru dan Lutung mewarisi warna bulu bapaknya: Hitaaam). 

Biarpun matanya cuma satu tapi Doru adalah pemburu yahud! jangankan tikus, kupu-kupu atau cicak, ikan lele di kolam Pak Jaya pun disikat demi Birong sang anak yang kesekian. Sayang, karena Birong adalah anak durhaka yang suka ee sembarangan, sekarang Birong dideportasi Pak Jaya ke desa sebelah: Nirmala. 


Sahri Edisi Galau

Ini adalah percakapan antara gw dan Sahri dalam salah satu sesi pengamatan di hutan kemarin siang. 

Di tengah gw yang lagi berkonsentrasi megang binokuler + hand counter sambil melihat dengan seksama berapa kali owa betina gw ngunyah, Sahri pun mengkhawatirkan kehidupan si owa kecil bernama Amore yang baru berumur satu tahun dan lagi seneng-senengnya pecicilan sendiri di atas pohon.



Kalau ditanya apa salah satu aspek penting dari penelitian gw, Jawabannya adalah kemampuan untuk mendongak dalam jangka waktu yang relatif lama. Lebih dari 20 menit kepala mendongak ke atas sambil tangan megang binokuler plus mulut komat kamit ngitung berapa feeding intake rate-nya cukup bikin gw berteriak KAYU MANAH KAYUUUU!! buat ngeganjel dagu. 

Maka dari itu, sebelum gw dan teman-teman asisten salah urat, sekarang gw mencanangkan gerakan pemanasan kepala sehat setiap pagi bersama teman-teman asisten sebelum masuk hutan. Hap! Hap! Hap!! 

Seperti kata guru olahraga gw waktu SD: MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO!! Di dalam tubuh yang sehat terdapat jiwa yang kuat! Ahaaaay! (Eh.. apa kebalik yak?)


My Name is Sahri

Penelitian mengharuskan gw untuk mengikuti aktifitas dua grup kera kecil yang disebut owa jawa (apa sih owa? apa sih? apa sih? monggo, ada mbah google yang siap membantu anda :D) dari mulai mereka bangun tidur di pagi-pagi buta sampe mereka tidur lagi di sore harinya. Kalo ibarat kata nih, Owa Jawa ini artis super terkenal yang segitu VVIP (very very important primate)-nya sampe gw, sang reporter kepo wajib, kudu, mesti tau kegiatan harian si artis mulai dari bangun jam berapa, 'kamu makannya apaaa?' (pake gaya centil Enno Lerian), lewat mana aja, ketemu sama siapa, plus tidur jam berapa dan dimana. 

Kalo dulu buat pengamatan, gw bareng Mance-si partner dalam segala kesempatan, kali ini gw dibantu sama tiga asisten yahud yang punya mata setajam sssyyyiiilet! (jangan lupa pake gaya Fenny Rose). Contoh:


A Short (Unimportant) Update

Buluk amat yak ini blog *bersihin sarang laba-laba* 

Secara koneksi internet yang gw punya saat ini super terbatas, posting perdana bulan maret gw awali dengan informasi ga penting updatean terbaru dari gw, ahaaaay! 

1. Sayah kembali ke soil water (meminjam istilah Inama-temen kuliah gw) pas sebulan yang lalu. Mendarat dengan mulus di Jekarda (pake logat bule) dan dijemput di pacar yang membawa sekantong cireng di tangan. Ahaaaay! romantis bener si pacar! ^^

2. Mulai riset gw yang Alhamdulilah yah (pake gaya Syahrini) masalah administrasinya lancar jaya dan bisa langsung capcus ke lapang setelah 2 minggu leha-leha di rumah, hunting makanan idaman, ketemu temen-temen SMA yang tetep hobi touring dari satu mall ke mall lain (hehe), kencan bareng Mance, ketemu temen-temen kuliah yang makin membuncit, berjenggot dan terlihat lebih tua (err.. okeh, dewasa). What a great time!!!


Distorsi Otak

Ketika gw menunggu antrian di bank, ketika gw ngobrol sama anak-anak lab, ketika gw menunaikan tugas suci di toilet, ketika gw ngasih makan Assam (si burung gagak piaraan lab), dan ketika gw marathon nonton Grey's Anatomy, cuma ini yang ada di otak gw:

Kamuh, kamuh, kamuh, tunggu aku pulaaaaaaaaang yaaaa!!Ham ham ham!!  ^0^


From the other side of globe

Today, i just received 9 postcards in the same time! (one postcard series from Bernadeta in Poland, 3 anime's postcards from Akiko Watanabe in Japan; with matching stamps! cool!! and one from my favorite illustrator: Aldriana Amir in Indonesia) added with one photo as a gift from Soojung Ham. Thanks for all of your kindness, and for Soojung, i'll meet you on August for another adventure! :D

A postcard series from Poland