Symposium and Korean Foods

Attended a symposium that organized by my department as a one commemoration for 125th Ewha Womans University. This symposium is a part of bilateral memorandum between my university and Konstanz University, Germany for academic exchange 2011. With topic about Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, it's represents researches from several institution with their latest findings and features two keynote speakers, Dr. Axel Mayer from Konstanz University and Dr. Carol Lee from University of Wisconsin. 

I learnt a lot from this one day symposium especially about phylogeny and genetics. The most interesting presentation for me was from Dr. Laura Martinez, she was studied about conservation status of West African Chimpanzees. Similar with their cousin in Borneo, their existence also threatened by human : hunting and for consuming. But, in some region, people belief that they are not allowed to hurt chimpanzees. There are two urban wisdom that so far, being empathy factor to protect Chimpanzees, such as:
"If you point at a mother Chimps with a rifle, she will show you her baby and her breast (to show she needs to feed her baby), you will feel pity to her and will not shoot"

"When Chimpanzees come to our fields, they only take what they need, they don't destroy everything, they respect our effort"

Seeee!!! They just take only what they need!! 

Anyway, the symposium itself was done well, and after that we went to dinner party in our lab. Since Dr. Mayer is friend of my Professor, Prof. Choi since they went to Harvard University together (err.. couldn't imagined how smart they are!) he asked special request for dessert : Extreme foods from Korea. Then, it became students job to prepared it :p So, we prepared Yukhae (raw beef with sliced of pear), Sannakji (raw octopus that has been cut into small pieces), Meongge (raw sea squirt), Golbenggi (raw sea snails), Gan (Steam Pig's liver), Soondae (kind of pig's intestines and pork's blood), Dakbal (chicken feet), beondegi (steam silkworm) and the most stinky one: Hong-o (sliced of raw skatefish). Smell of Hong-o really similar with amoniak. yaikks!! and when we brought hong-a, the stinky smell from it spread out to whole lab!! I just tried some of those food like chicken feet and raw seafood and the taste was okay :P and here are some pictures mostly about the foods that we served :)

Raw sea snails

Raw beef

Raw octopus

Chicken feet!! I like it!! :D

Soondae and gan (Pork's stuff)

Beondegi (Steam silkworm)

Hong-o (Raw Skatefish)
And, here it is, the picture that describe reactions from Dr. Meyer when he tried those foods. Okay at the first and after that, he need a full glas a wine to neutralized. Hehehehe. 

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  1. itu kenapa harus raw semua?? aahhh!! ilang deh napsu makan gueee! T_T

  2. Ahahahahaha!! yang larva pupa itu udah direbus kok man, terus yang raw beef itu enak kok. slrrrup! naah, yg snails sama octopus mirip2 daaah sama sashimi. kalo yg soondae, euuh baru itu ngilangin nafsu mkn --"

  3. itu yang octupus kok kayak gak dimasak ya mba?

  4. Ho oh mut, itu mentah. ehehehe, kenyel kenyel gimanaaa gitu :P Tapi enak kok mut ^^