Last Day of Korean Class

Today is the last day of my Korean class for this semester before the final exam start on the next week. Obviously, this level is harder than before. A lot of vocabulary to memorize, new grammars to learn, a thousand homework to do, a quiz after a chapter end and more practices in speaking section. Yeah, i'm super dying.. 

Even more harder since winter has come and night time is longer than day time, so, wake up at 7 am when the sun not really rising up need more and more and more effort. But yes, time flies really fast, fall semester is finish soon. I'm gonna miss all of the on time Japanese girls (seriously! No matter how sleepy they are, they always come 5 or 10 minutes before the class start! It means at 7:50, which is the same time when i'm still struggling to put my shoes on or looking for my book!), sleepy faces around the class and our teachers who keep cheering us to study harder.:)

Our lovely teacher. She's pretty, right?!

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  1. hee....makin me-lidi saja kau kakak ...kakinya keciiil amaat :D

  2. Eh, masa? Berat gw udah naik 2 kilo pi T_T terintimidasi sama cewe-cewe lidi disini soalnya. hehehe.