Get Fun at Trick Eye Museum

When in here Christmas time associated with have a date with your couple, i spent my Christmas time to hang out with Soojung. Soojung Ham is one of my labmate and before, at 2008 i met her in Halimun-Salak National Park Indonesia when i conducted my Bachelor's research and she did her preliminary study about acoustic in Javan Gibbon. Her Bahasa improving a lot now and me? My Korean still below average. Hehehe.

Anyway, we decided to go to somewhere indoor (yeah, since temperature decreasing almost -8 C today) and go to kind of museum is a good choice. So, on Sunday, we went to Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. Not too far from my university, just take subway line 2, stop in Hongdae (Hongik University) Station and get off by exit no.9. For me as the Master of Lost, the location of this museum is quite difficult to find if i would to go there by myself. Hiding in the basement, second floor, under a restaurant and Billiard places you would not expected there is a wonderful museum worth to see.
Based on the explanation from their website, Trick eye museum is an interactive museum features painting that create optical illusions on flat surfaces and you can see the famous artworks turned out into 3D images, allowing visitors to interact with the characters aside. The ticket price is 13,000 won/person (around Rp,104,000) quite expensive for me because usually i visit kind of free or at least below 5,000 won museum. Hehehe. But since i have this coupon in one free magazine on the street, i've got discount for 5,000 won!! *Yihaaaa!* :D

Moving on, we took tons of photos and absolutely we had great evening groofing around ^^. It;s kind of surreal experience walking among arts those seems to leap out of the frames! Totally fun! even in the toilet's wall, it decorated with picture of Paparazzi taking your picture when you are doing your 'personal' activity. 

And here are some of my favorite pictures :)

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  1. ehmmm///lebih tepatnya ini museum buat tempat narsis :D ....seruuuu..ajak aku kesana kakak ...

  2. Ehehehe, di websitenya aja ditulis you can personally interact with the object in painting and have fun. Hehehe, dan jelas ga afdol kalo ga narsis. :D Sinih, sinih, ta' jemput di bandara yah ^^

  3. wahh lucu banget ya museumnya, masuk daftar museum yg harus dikunjungi nih. oya, foto yang ada sayapnya itu bagus:)

  4. Makasih mba Tifa ^^ Ho oh, must visit banget ini kalo kesini. Seru dan kreatif banget soalnya, hohoho! :)

  5. hi, salam kenal,
    aq rencana mau jln2 ke seoul neh...
    boleh kasih tau ga lokasi tepatnya dimana trick eyes museum ini? kl kita keluar dari hongik univ subway... patokannya apa gtu...biar ga nyasar kl kita kesana hehee... tks yach..

  6. Hi Mels!

    Salam kenal juga ^^ Untuk ke Trick Eye museum agak complicated sebenarnya karena emang lokasinya yang nyempil di antara bangunan-bangunan lain. Makanya saya kesana sama temen Korea. Hehe.

    Kalo dari Hongdae Yok (Hongik univ. subway station) keluar aja dari exit 9, itu patokan utamanya. Dari situ saya lupa-lupa ingat lewat mananya. Hehehe, maaf ya tidak bisa banyak membantu ^^; Wish you have a great time in Seoul! ^^