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Eunae, she is my first Korean friend here (well, exception for Soojung and Eunha which is i knew them since we met in Indonesia), she's helping me a lot during my first semester, accompanied me to bought a new mobile phone (fyi, it's difficult to have mobile phone for foreigners here) brought me to Namsan Tower and explained me about Korean life. Unfortunately she had to quit her study for her personal reason :( but we still keeping in touch and last Friday me, Soojung and Yerim visited her Nail Salon in Dangsan. Yaiy!! I really miss her!!

So, our visited to Eunae's salon could be declared as my first experience for manicure! *clap hands!* hehehe. The manicure consist of full nails hand care (cleaning cuticles) and applying nail polish. I let Eunae to chose the color instead of me and she picked gold as one of Christmas color. Hahahaha! Yerim chose orange and Soojung, she chose blink nail polish which is i realized it didn't make any difference when i took picture. Hehehe.
Frankly, i never did any kind of nail treatment before. Why? For me, first, it obviously expensive, second i never let my nails growing up more than it original size, so it's not look good if i put nail polish on it, and third i am not any kind of salons type :D (and actually i'm not good to being girlie). But in Korea, go to nail salons and nail treatments are part of lifestyle and it's ordinary i think, like giving a literal sense to saying, "stylish from head to toe". 

Anyway, i enjoyed my time with Eunae, Soojung and Yerim there ^^ with gold nails, pizza as dinner, warm conversation with friends and looked at snow falling down outside the window, what else would you expect? :)

Yerim, with her.. errr, orange nails? i love it though ^^

Well, you must recognize my nails from the finger size and nail color :D

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