Beginner Skater

I supposed to revising my proposal before group meeting on next Tuesday, but then i decided to went out with Ha my; my friend from Vietnam and her roommate (errr, again, i forgot her name T_T) to experienced ice skating in Seoul City Hall (frankly, i never even tried normal skating before). Anyway, Since Seoul City Hall not too far from our place and the price is so cheap, it's worth to try :) even though the temperature outside today is -4 degree *shaking*, and we met Arfan, my Indonesian friend and the other Indonesian students there.

The outdoor ice rink is open for public during winter, operated from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm and it cost 1,000 won for one hour of rink access (around Rp. 8,000. It's even cheaper than in one big mall at Jakarta! :D), helmet and skates. Then, we can put our stuff in locker room and each cost 500 won (around Rp. 4,000) and ready to skating!! oh, it strongly advice to bring your own gloves, but if you forget to bring your own, you can purchase on the spot for 500 won :).
I felt a bit nervous when started, since it's my first time to set my foot for ice skating. It's fine anyway at the first to stand steadily on the skate and walking to reach the rink. But when i entered the rink, it's so slippery!! (even lot sleeper than i had imagined) and so hard to keep my balance on the chilly ice floor! Before i start embarrassed myself to fell down in the area, i prefer to walked slowly and hold the wall around the rink as support and balance. Hehehehe. It took about more than 25 minutes to let me get used to the ice and my skate, did i can skate after that? of course not! Hahahaha! and when i hardly tried to at least keep my balance without hold the wall, there were so many kids skating flawlessly *sooo envy*.

So, together with Ha my, we encouraged ourselves to let go and tried to walk together around the rink, fell down sometime and laughed, and yeah, it's fun! Hehehehe, even though we just walked and not glided (yet), i was like a baby learning to walk! :P dozens of other beginners passed us by as some of them walked and some skated slowly. But, most important thing was i had fun with my friends ^^ and i'm thinking to try it again next time and ask a friend who knows how to skate and can teach me, so that eventually i'll be able to do it well and independently  :D

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