Get Fun at Trick Eye Museum

When in here Christmas time associated with have a date with your couple, i spent my Christmas time to hang out with Soojung. Soojung Ham is one of my labmate and before, at 2008 i met her in Halimun-Salak National Park Indonesia when i conducted my Bachelor's research and she did her preliminary study about acoustic in Javan Gibbon. Her Bahasa improving a lot now and me? My Korean still below average. Hehehe.

Anyway, we decided to go to somewhere indoor (yeah, since temperature decreasing almost -8 C today) and go to kind of museum is a good choice. So, on Sunday, we went to Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. Not too far from my university, just take subway line 2, stop in Hongdae (Hongik University) Station and get off by exit no.9. For me as the Master of Lost, the location of this museum is quite difficult to find if i would to go there by myself. Hiding in the basement, second floor, under a restaurant and Billiard places you would not expected there is a wonderful museum worth to see.


Choose your Own Color

Eunae, she is my first Korean friend here (well, exception for Soojung and Eunha which is i knew them since we met in Indonesia), she's helping me a lot during my first semester, accompanied me to bought a new mobile phone (fyi, it's difficult to have mobile phone for foreigners here) brought me to Namsan Tower and explained me about Korean life. Unfortunately she had to quit her study for her personal reason :( but we still keeping in touch and last Friday me, Soojung and Yerim visited her Nail Salon in Dangsan. Yaiy!! I really miss her!!

So, our visited to Eunae's salon could be declared as my first experience for manicure! *clap hands!* hehehe. The manicure consist of full nails hand care (cleaning cuticles) and applying nail polish. I let Eunae to chose the color instead of me and she picked gold as one of Christmas color. Hahahaha! Yerim chose orange and Soojung, she chose blink nail polish which is i realized it didn't make any difference when i took picture. Hehehe.


Best Wishes for Your Wedding Day

Together with the other lab members, i went to my senior wedding ceremony at Seocho Church last saturday. It was my first time attended wedding ceremony in Korea, and also in a church :). The ceremony itself went smoothly and sacred, with awesome choir and after that 2 girls played songs from The Beatles : I want to hold your hand and Hey Jude with Gayageum - traditional Korean like string music instrument. I also love her pre-wedding pictures and i got her permission to upload her pictures here. Yippie!!

Congratulations dear Chorong Onnie for your wedding. Wishing you a marriage that filled with love and joy and may your love grow day by day strong and you share every moment of your life with each other. :)


Beginner Skater

I supposed to revising my proposal before group meeting on next Tuesday, but then i decided to went out with Ha my; my friend from Vietnam and her roommate (errr, again, i forgot her name T_T) to experienced ice skating in Seoul City Hall (frankly, i never even tried normal skating before). Anyway, Since Seoul City Hall not too far from our place and the price is so cheap, it's worth to try :) even though the temperature outside today is -4 degree *shaking*, and we met Arfan, my Indonesian friend and the other Indonesian students there.

The outdoor ice rink is open for public during winter, operated from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm and it cost 1,000 won for one hour of rink access (around Rp. 8,000. It's even cheaper than in one big mall at Jakarta! :D), helmet and skates. Then, we can put our stuff in locker room and each cost 500 won (around Rp. 4,000) and ready to skating!! oh, it strongly advice to bring your own gloves, but if you forget to bring your own, you can purchase on the spot for 500 won :).

A Postcard from Finland

Yaiy! Just received another postcard with a beautiful picture of Reindeer from Finland, and this postcard absolutely included as one of my favorite postcards collection . Thanks Veera :).


Symposium and Korean Foods

Attended a symposium that organized by my department as a one commemoration for 125th Ewha Womans University. This symposium is a part of bilateral memorandum between my university and Konstanz University, Germany for academic exchange 2011. With topic about Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, it's represents researches from several institution with their latest findings and features two keynote speakers, Dr. Axel Mayer from Konstanz University and Dr. Carol Lee from University of Wisconsin. 

I learnt a lot from this one day symposium especially about phylogeny and genetics. The most interesting presentation for me was from Dr. Laura Martinez, she was studied about conservation status of West African Chimpanzees. Similar with their cousin in Borneo, their existence also threatened by human : hunting and for consuming. But, in some region, people belief that they are not allowed to hurt chimpanzees. There are two urban wisdom that so far, being empathy factor to protect Chimpanzees, such as:


Focus! Focuuuus!!!

Some issues just pops out from my mind today dan Ini beberapa hal yang ada di otak gw selama gw berusaha fokus belajar buat ujian besok:

1. Konsesi lahan gambut Tripa, Aceh menjadi kebun kelapa sawit. To be frank, i'm shaking!! Tahun 2010 gw dan tim kantor survey kadar karbon dan keanekaragaman di hutan ini dan sedih banget ketika liat secuil hutan rawa gambut yang emisinya bakal segede setan ketika dialih fungsikan dan sudah dikelilingi kebun sawit di sekitarnya. Dan 1 hal yg ga akan gw lupa adalah saat ga sengaja tim kita ketemu 1 ekor orangutan jantan yang jelas ga bisa kemana-mana dengan kondisi habitat yang terfragmen. Direlokasi? apa bakal dibantai kaya ratusan orangutan lain di Kalimantan? Apa bukti data dan fakta hasil riset ga bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan buat para decision maker di atas sana?


Peace, Love and Julia Roberts

Perbincangan absurd antara gw dan salah satu temen disini, Arfan:

Arfan: Eh, lo udah nonton belon film... umm... ituh, Peace, love and...

Gw: Hah? Peace, love and apah? (dan gw langsung inget salah satu program remaja di ANTV yang punya slogan Peace, Love and Gaoool!)

Arfan: Umm.. Gw lupa belakangnya...

Gw: Sapa yang maen?

Arfan: Kalo ga salah Julia Roberts!

Gw: Hah? Julia Roberts,,, Peace,love and.... (1 kata yang masih jadi misteri). (Gw pun berpikir keras). Yakin lo itu Julia Roberts bukan Dwi Andhika? (masih terngiang acara remaja di AnTV, masih ada ga yah?)

Arfan: Bukaaaan! ituh, yang shootingnya di Bali!

Gw: (langsung nepok jidat sekuat tenaga) Eat, Pray and Love kaleeeeeeee!! 

Arfan: Eh, iya, maksud gw Eat,Pray and Love. Hehehe.

Dan gw pun langsung berimajinasi Julia Roberts bergaya anak gaul masa kini, berpasangan sama Dwi Andhika di Antv sambil teriak : Peace (jari tengah dan telunjuk membentuk angka V), Love (kedua telunjuk dan jempol membentuk lophe) and Gaooool!! (umm, gw belon kepikiran gaya buat slogan yang 1 ini).


Last Day of Korean Class

Today is the last day of my Korean class for this semester before the final exam start on the next week. Obviously, this level is harder than before. A lot of vocabulary to memorize, new grammars to learn, a thousand homework to do, a quiz after a chapter end and more practices in speaking section. Yeah, i'm super dying.. 

Even more harder since winter has come and night time is longer than day time, so, wake up at 7 am when the sun not really rising up need more and more and more effort. But yes, time flies really fast, fall semester is finish soon. I'm gonna miss all of the on time Japanese girls (seriously! No matter how sleepy they are, they always come 5 or 10 minutes before the class start! It means at 7:50, which is the same time when i'm still struggling to put my shoes on or looking for my book!), sleepy faces around the class and our teachers who keep cheering us to study harder.:)


KTTI for Asia Children Charity Night

Another performance by KTTI for Asia Children Charity Night at 63 Building, Seoul. I love the costums by the way ^^ It made us looks like 'Pagar Ayu' for a wedding ceremony. Hehehe and we performed 2 dances well (Alhamdulilah) from West Sumatera : Tempurung and Piring. Oh, and it recorded by TvOne crew for program 'Bukan Jalan-Jalan Biasa'. kkk. and here they are, some pictures from our before-after performance. Errr, sorry, i just realized i don't have any pictures when we did performance itself. --" 

1 Desember

Pagi ini.. err, siang ini lebih tepatnya (udah jam 12 ternyata) bangun, nyalain komputer (ini adalah refleks paling hebat selama gw disini, setiap bangun otak gw langsung bikin perintah ke kaki dan tangan buat melangkah ke meja dan langsung mencet tombol turn on komputer), bengong sambil nungu otak loading 100% dan tak sengaja gw bertatapan dengan kalender (ahaaay!): 1 Desember.. 

Time flies so fast!

1 Desember setahun kemarin, gw masih duduk dengan manisnya di kantor, masih mabok data karbon dan ping! ada email masuk dengan subject: 'Greetings from Ewha W. University'. Belum ada email yang bikin deg-degan macem gini sebelumnya (well, email from my supervisor could be an exception then :P). Gw buka, baca, bengong dan dengan moronnya, pikiran pertama yang muncul setelah gw selesai baca adalah :SPAM!!! INI PASTI SPAM!!! karena isinya adalah:

Dear students, 
We are pleased to announce that you have been admitted to Ewha Womans University...

Ada kali 3 menitan gw cuma menatap layar komputer dengan posisi mulut kebuka dan kata-kata 'SPAM' terus muncul di otak sampe akhirnya email lain masuk dari salah satu temen gw di Ewha yang ngasih selamat karena dia buka websitenya Ewha, ada pengumuman spring semester admission 2011 dan ada nama gw disana. Oke, yang moron emang gw ternyata, kenapa coba gw ga kepikiran buat ngecek ke situs resminya kampus supaya tau email itu spam apa bukan. dudul! Anyway,at that time and until now there's no single word i could say anymore other than Alhamdulilah :) 

dan 1 Desember tahun ini, gw duduk dengan manisnya di kamar asrama, masih mengucap syukur untuk segala nikmat yang Dia berikan, dan kali ini dengan senyum lebar gw menatap segala assignments yang harus beres sebelum minggu depan. sambil bilang sepenuh hati: SEMANGKAAAAA!!!! ^^

Well, Have a nice weekend pals!:D