Sorae Ecological Park

Had a great trip on the last weekend with Flo, Hesti and Flo's Korean friend (again, i couldn't remember his name --") to Sorae Ecological Park at Incheon Metropolitan City (they named it like that), and for this trip i had to wake up earlier because it took about 2 and half hour by subway to go there. At the first, i had no idea what kind of place it its Flo just gave me information that we gonna go to a park which is quite far from Seoul, that's why we have to leave earlier from here. Seoul is very crowded lately, since a lot of people want to enjoying the autumn foliage, then it's a good time to escape from here for a while.

Based on history that i read from the board, in the past Sorae known as a huge place to produced salt in Korea until 1996. In 2009, the government closed the salt fields and restore it as the bed for insects, and migratory birds. There's also a wide semi-dry marsh as a habitat for crabs, craw-fish and shrimps, and it leave naturally for kids to learn about ecology and experience it directly. Then, in the exhibition hall, we could get information about the history of Sorae Ecological Park and how salt is produce. Completed with a clean walk and bicycle path, wooden bridges for observation, rest area and public toilet, it's really a perfect place to doing several activities at once times. 

The main object that really interested to me and actually our based purpose to visited this park reside there: surrounding by reeds field, under bright blue sky, three red windmills standing and waiting for the wind blowing up their fans. What a view!! Suddenly, two stupid imaginations pops out from my head: first, i'm in Netherland!! Hehe. Second, Do you know an old music fantasy film The Wizard of Oz? (skip it if you don't know :p) when i walked through the tall reeds field, it's like i'm in Dorothy's farm in Kansas. Hehehe. Anyhow, here are some pictures that i captured during my trip. Enjoy! :)

The exhibition hall and dry salt ponds

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  1. suka dgn warna langitnya.. ;D

  2. Aku juga suka mut ^^~ sepanjang musim gugur, langitnya bakal sebiru ini terus. kkk.