Seoul Lantern Festival 2011

Actually, i saw it on last Friday with Widhi and Flo but didn't posted it yet. So, here we go, Seoul Lantern Festival 2011 at Cheonggyecheon (i know it's difficult to pronounce name of that place). Cheonggyecheon is a 8.4 km long stream that run through in the downtown of Seoul and also used as a green public space.It was opened in 2005 and was lauded as a major success of urban renewal and beautification (source: Wikipedia). From the ecology eyes, Cheonggyechon helps to cool down the temperature and successfully increasing number of some species of birds, insects and fishes those used it as their habitat. The government built walk side along this stream and actually it situated under the bridge and the main roads. First impression that i get was it's impressive! (well,anything about public space management here could be impressive for me) The way how the government managed a public space under the main road, even under huge bridges which is usually could be a slum area change into a clean, comfortable and green urban space that can be enjoy by society for free! (Wish Jakarta will have one like this someday). And since it was so crowded and my camera is not good to capture any images on night mode, this is the view of Cheonggyechoen from here and here :

And the rest are pictures of some awesome lanterns in Seoul Lantern Festival. Enjoy :)

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