11. 11. 11

Living in this country realized me any day here could be 'informal' national day. They have Valentine's day, White Day even Black Day - a celebration for singlehood. Hahaha! And today, 11th day of 11th month celebrated as Pepero Day! Pepero is a cookie stick manufactured by Lotte company and has 10 different flavors. Since the date 11.11 resembled four sticks of Pepero, so the marketing team of Pepero named it as Pepero day. The day when young people and couple (of course) exchange pepero stick and other romantic gifts as a symbol of friendship and affection. Sounds like Valentine's day i guess but less sentimental value. 

Actually it's kind of marketing strategy from Pepero's company - Lotte but it's so impressive and freaking brilliant marketing strategy! They successfully make everyone buy and give Pepero to their couple, friends and family. They even encouraged it by special gift boxes and other promotions. Could you imagine how big the profit that they can get just in one day? Well, i didn't bought any kind of it actually, so i didn't have any contribution to increasing their profit but i received 1 box of Pepero from my labmate and 2 stick of handmade Pepero from another friend. Hehehe!

Happy Pepero Day anyway! and sorry for the picture's quality, i didn't bring my camera around and took it by my mobile phone. :)

Handmade Pepero

The original Pepero

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