Unbreakable by Distance

I've got a sweet surprise in my mailbox when i arrived at my dormitory last night. A parcel from Indonesia!!! I saw sender's name and it's from my friend, Lanjar Wijiarti!! Gosh, i couldn't stop smiling while opened that parcel because i thought i knew what it is and ya, Lanjar sent  me our favorite comic book that usually we read together: Hi Miiko and a small pack of Keripik Talas!! What a surprise!! Lanjar, you really know how to touch my heart :') 

Last month we chatted via Yahoo Messenger and she notified me about the newest serial of Hi Miiko and i was so hysteric!! Usually i asked my sister to buy it for me and completed my comic books collection but i don't remind her yet. Then Lanjar asked my mail address here and said to not buy it but i never thought if she's really sent it for me!!! Because to send a parcel from Indonesia to Korea is really expensive even for a small stuff like postcard! So i could imagined how expensive it is.

Dear friend,without any unspoken words you reminded me again meaning of a friendship. Thank you Njare :)

Side by side or miles miles apart, a dear friend always close to the heart. 

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