Performance Day 1

My first performance with Indonesian Traditional Dance Club (Kelompok Tari Tradisional Indonesia) in Seoul International Folklore Festival at National Theater. Hohohoho! It's been a month after i joined in KTTI. We practiced every Saturday, because since most of us are students, the best time for us to practice is on Saturday. And for this performance, we just practiced within 4 weeks for this event! Hehehe.

It's been a long time since i practiced traditional dance again, actually i practiced traditional dance too before. When i was child, i was so disobedient, stubborn and rough (i even bitten my friend's ear when we fought!). To change me into a real little girl, my mom registered me into one traditional dance academy until i went to middle school (then i stopped it since i was so tired and bored :p). But i think, it's not worked enough, i'm still rough and stubborn. Hehehe.

Anyway, Alhamdulilah our first day performance was great! We performed 2 dances today: Ronggeng Blantek from Jakarta and Enggang from Kalimantan. I really love Enggang's costum! It's so pretty! and when it splashed on sunlight, the custom will be glow! And here it some pictures from our performance, and perhaps in the next 2 days i'm still posting our performance' pictures. Hopefully you're not sick and bored to see it. Hehehe. Enjoy!:D

Our team! ^^~

Rehearsal in the morning

Korean Dancers

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