Preliminary Bravo Asean 2011

Our Indonesian Traditional Dance Group (Kelompok Tari Tradisional Indonesia-KTTI) was participated in an event organized by Arirang TV called Bravo! ASEAN 2011. It is kind of a music and dance contest for ASEAN residents in Korea to promote fellowship and cultural exchanges between people of ASEAN and Korea (it is what they said on their website anyway) 

So, on the last weekend we did the preliminary audition with demonstrated Indang Dance from West Sumatera. I think me and my friends had same nervous level during the contest because there was judges watched our performance and it aired by Arirang TV Network. Oh my... 

We did it well anyway for preliminary although we made some mistakes occured during our performance :(  We got the result on last Tuesday and it said that we passed the preliminary and it means we go to final!!! Alhamdulilah. Now, our main job is preparing our dance as best as we could because we have to compete with other 12 competitors in final on the next month. So dear fellows, please support us by giving some money for us to buy lunch during our practices. Hahahaha! No, just joking (i don't mind tough if you really wanna give it. Hahaha!)

Anyhow, please just wish us a huge luck for this competition. FIGHTING!! ^^

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