Performance Day 3

And finally, the last performance for this event!! We started at Namsangol Hanok Village and performed 3 dances then moved back to National Theater for closing ceremony and performed Indang dance on the evening. By the way, yesterday, accidentally i burnt my foot on the second rehearsal. We started second rehearsal around 10 pm and i didn't know if the stage could be so hot and stupidly i opened my shoes and socks then practices with bare foot. Ouch! But weirdly, i couldn't feel the pain during performances but after that, don't asking me how hurt is it. Hehehe. Oh, and i'm became too lazy to took pictures on the third day --"  So here it is some of pictures on our last performance in Seoul International Folklore Festival (Well, actually there's no pictures during our performance, right? hehehe. So these are showed pictures after our performance ^^~)

I know, it's weird  --"

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  1. joget2 bare foot di lantai semen siang2 ? ahahahaha!! Fahutan lah yaa~ :D

  2. iyahahahaha!! Gwnya aja yang oon mo latian debus man :P