Performance Day 2

Today we performed 4 dances, so many right? Actually yesterday we supposed to performed 4 dances, but the committee reduced it into two without any clear reason --" But since we've got good response from the audiences, today they asked us to perform 4 dances! So today, we have Tempurung, Bambu Anak Raja, Kipas and Indang dances. I was performed Indang dance today, it's a traditional dance from West Sumatera and it's kind of masculine dance, start from the custom, movements and music. That's why it's full of spirit with fast movements. But i totally like it! ^^

Rehearsal again

Fan Dance from Korea

Traditional Dance from Thailand

Folklore Dance from Turkey
Hectic! Hectic! 

Tempurung Dance

Indang Dance
Kipas Dance

Ehehehe, A Single Shot After Performed

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