My First Jimjilbang

Hoaaahm, i supposed to wake up earlier to go to lab today, but i just woke up at 8:00 am and now still spending my time facing into my computer. Anyway, last night i went to one 'must place to visit in Korea' (Other foreigners say like that in their testimonials) called Jimjilbang  (찜질방), Jimjilbang is an extremely popular place in here, a large, public bathhouse or can be called as Korean sauna. Wonhee, my Korean labmate and i went to Happy Day Jimjilbang not too far from Guui-office subway station at line 2. You can take exit no. 4 go straight, turn left in intersection and walk around 50 meters. 

The jimjilbang is open for 24 hours, so you can literally stay there all day and all night as you wish. Like one of my friend, he's studying in one university out of Seoul, and sometimes he go to Seoul for hang out on weekend and if he late to catch a bus on night, he will just stay in Jimjilbang while waiting the first bus is coming. Hehehe. Anyway, Wonhee and I stayed there for about 3 hours! The entrance fee here after 8:00 pm is 10,000 won including a towel, t shirt and pants (Every Jimjilbang has different price based on the services). We could decide if we wanted to pay for extra services once we got inside. Thanks God, it's weekday and just few visitors. The building was massive with several rooms, we went to Women's sauna first at 3rd floor, go to the locker, put our shoes in it and then take the key bracelet. I like these kind of locker, sooo convenient! Then, we went to another locker to put our stuff and changed our clothes.

Sorry, no more pictures, it's not allowed to bring your camera inside. My first impression if i go here alone was i need a directory paper or a guide to bring me around; EVERYTHING'S IN KOREAN!!! wih my poor ability to understand Korean, it's so convenient come here with one of my Korean friend. Hehehe. We decided to start with lay down in the heated salt sauna room, after 20 minutes felt like pot roast, we continued to Bamboo's room, it's kind of cooling room with a real bamboo's decoration covering whole room. I like this one and fact that's no other visitors on that room. kkk, i almost fall asleep there when Wonhee took me to relaxing room where people watch Korean soap opera or a baseball match. In here you can also buy snacks in snack bar or vibrate yourself on an electric band thingy for 1,000 won. 

We tried almost every sauna rooms with different temperatures and treatments. We entered one sauna with a dried herbs hanging in sacks and watched a Baseball match, even i couldn't understand its game's rules :P.  By the way, i think staying in a sauna like this is a good way for me to get sweat, since my body has a problem with perspiration and too hard to sweating even i do exercise like running in treadmill for about half hour, it's still hard for me to keep sweating. And it's one of my excuse why i'm too lazy to take a shower even once a day. Hehehehe.

We ended our time into a body scrub or bath area room and it completely an open area!! Then get a body scrub and massage after soaking. Wonhee and i soaked in a hot baths for several minutes which was about 80 degrees! All the hot baths has like kind of bubling water shooting out and jacuzzi style. So relaxed to feel a powerful burst of water on my back and neck. Then i tried a body scrub, Wonhhe brought an exfoliating gloves to removed our dead skin. If you read a comic book about a mom and daughter scrubbing themselves one each other, that exactly i'd done with Wonhee. Hehehe. and i never seen so much dead skin come off the body! 

After whole these treatments, we dry off, and i was completely soothed and relaxed. In fact i never been get into a bathroom as long as like this. It could be my new record to spent more than 1 hours in public open bathroom. 

Now, the silly part, i took a subway to went back, since it takes about half hour from Guui office station to Ewha, i fell asleep and yeah i missed my stop until Hapjeong which is 3 stations further from my stop! Geeeeee,, why i always missed my stop no matter where i am! It also happened when i went to Korean embassy in Jakarta, i supposed to get off at Depok train station but then i found myself woke up at last stop : Bogor train station. What the...

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  1. pas scrolling ke bawah udah ngarep2 liat foto-foto di dalem sauna, ternyata belum beruntung yaa~ *sigh* :P

  2. Ahahahaha! Anda belum beruntung! Kamera cuma boleh dibawa sampe locker area Man :P

  3. wahhh, iriiii sungguhhhh. pas ke seoul dulu sempet kepikiran mo nyobain korean sauna gara2 liat adegan sauna di korean drama. kayaknya nyaman sekali ya. tp temen2 korea gak ada yg bisa nemenin. hiks hiks. baiklah, lain kali harus pergi lagi ke korea dan nyobain saunanya *penuh tekad*

  4. kkk. Tergantung Jimjilbangnya dan hari nya mungkin ya mba, untung aku dateng pas weekday, jadi ga rame, mungkin kalo weekend bener-bener kaya pepes rasanya :p Wah, kalo lain kali kesini, biar aku yang nemenin mba Tifa nanti ^^v