Hangeul Day

October 9th in Korea celebrated as Hangeul day. It is to honors 15th century invention of Hangeul by King Sejong, the fourth king from Joseon Dynasty. Hangeul itself is the alphabet in Korean language, consist of 24 consonants and vowels.

Me, Indri and the twin Yunita and Yunisa went to Gwanghwamun Square to visited King Sejong Museum and participated in hangeul writing experience. You can reach Gwanghwamun Square by subway in line 5 and get off at Gwanghwamun Station. The museum itself was built in underground between the main road. It explains the king's life and his cultural contribution. In exhibition hall, we tried Hangeul writing experience and we didn't see any foreigners took a part in this event, just a lot of kids with their parents and of course, us, hehehe, no one as excited as us i guess and we had to queue up with kids around. So then after queue up, a man gave us a piece of thin paper which stamped with picture of King Sejong and a brush as medium to write. 

Talking about writing, i think all of my friends know one of my weakness is writing. It seems like i was born without any writing skill, my written is just.... so ugly, small and roundish *sigh.... Truly, you might be laugh when you see my hand-written. And yeah, it also happened when i tried to write in Hangeul. It's been around 8 months since i'm learning Korean language including Hangeul, but as you can see, it still... like my crabbed hand-written as well T_T

Anyway, after we finished our 'Masterpiece' the committee facilitated to send it to your hometown as yeah, it's for free!! Yippieee, we always love anythings for free! And since we knew could send it for free, we tried again once more, Hahaha!! again, queue up with kids and waited until a committee asked us to sit and start writing. Hehehe.

Remorsefully, i didn't take many picture since i ran out batteries in my camera :( so baaaaad!!! I even couldn't take picture of giant King Sejong statue. Well, still be next time to visit Gwanghwamun anyway i hope. :)

Entrance of Gyeongbokgung and Bukak Mountain as background

You can display your 'masterpiece' here with others from various countries

Ready to send my 'Masterpiece' to home

Here it is, my Masterpiece!! Hohoho!

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  1. siaaaal!! Gw menyadari efek umur menjelang 25 man : kulit lebih lama regenerasinya. Tidaaaaak!!! T^T