Waiting for The Wind

Visited Imjingak resort at Paju, Gyeonggi province with Hesti. Actually this area famous as remnant of the Korean war and it's my second time to visit this resort. My first visit was on May to attended opening ceremony of 2nd Natural History Museum of Ewha and i posted it here

It took 1.5 hour by train from Sinchon station to Munsan station, then transfered with another train to Imjingang station.

At one side of the park, you can see a hill that filled by these windmills. This is actually our main purpose to visit Imjingak resort. hehehe, see windmills blowing by the wind under the blue sky. Buuuut, unfortunately it was cloudy T^T so these are some pictures that i took as best as i can. :)

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