Such a 'Not My Day'

Still thinking about some girls really really should learn about good manner and attitude! Well, not mentioned to generalized all of girls, but today 3 random girls, even i don't know two of them, made me lose temper. No matter how beauty you are, how smart you are, how branded your stuff are, if you don't have a good manner and respect other people, well.. ladies, you must be missed your etiquette class and please, never ever expect to be respected by other people then! 

First girl, I just finished my early morning Korean class and went to student cafetaria with my friend, we passed a big door (which is big enough to pass by three people from opposite way) and suddenly this girl (that too busy talked on the phone in right hand and hold a Starbucks coffee cup in another hand ) just walked through me and i have no idea why or what's wrong with her foot, she hit and push me so hard and it make me bump to the wall. At that time, i really expected a single simple apologize, that's enough to reminded me that she might in a rush, got let to go to her class and accidentally push me. And did she do that? BIG NO!! 

Second girl, After had a lunch, i prepared some of my papers and class' material in dormitory. Then, i just arrived in my lab at 2 pm, tired and need more sleep but i couldn't since i have another class at 3. I met ****,  She is 2nd year undergraduate student who doing her research in my lab, and this is our conversation:

She: Ayu, why do you come so late? (She even didn't say "Hi")
Me: huh? 
She: as far as i know, all graduate students should come to lab everyday in the morning. 
Me: Really? 
She: Yeah, i never see you in the morning. What are you doing? are you sleep until afternoon? What professors will think about you if you always come late like this and bla.. bla.. bla.. 
Me: (just stared at her and really expected didn't met her today) Is it important to you what  am i doing? is it important to you to judged me as a laziest girl in lab? (again, take a deep breath and smile to her) **** (her name), It is not your business to know what am i doing everyday. Well, just for your information i have Korean class in the morning at 8-11, maybe at 8 you even don't wake up yet, am i right? and maybe next time you have to learn how to speak more politely. Did you never be taught? or should i teach you? Have a good day! 
She: got blushed and speechless

Well, maybe i don't have to speak like that. But today is really not my day and insistent questions like that totally made me upset. 

Third girl, I waited in a line for my coffee in a convenience store when suddenly a girl entered and without any excuse, cut the line without queue up and ordered Iced Americano. WHAT THE??
Honestly, she is pretty, slim and fashionable (perfect from outer appearance), brought a Louis Vuitton bag, Iphone in her hand, and wear a shiny high heels that hard enough to hit a dog, but lack with one thing: MANNER! Again, being  pretty is a blessing but without good manner, you are NOTHING! 
Thank's God for this one, the cashier asked her to follow the line before i pointed and screamed to her. 

Sigh... my patience really in the lowest level today. Take a deep breath..Take a deep breath. Well, blame me to be so sensitive today, i'm in my 'period' (monthly period is my excuse to get mad or sensitive :p) But, again... Just to prompt myself, attitude is a little thing that make a big difference.

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  1. tarik napaaaaaaassss.... buaaaaanggg... tarik napas lagiiiiii.... buang lagiii....
    heuheu, belajar sabar ya naaakk.... hehe..

  2. sabar lebih berat dari laper ternyata *mulai ga nyambung* :D

  3. Siap Mba Irma, sayah sudah normal, buang air semakin lancar *halaaah! Peluk balik mba Irmaaa!!!