Medan Within Two Hours

In the middle of 'Molecular Ecology' lecture today, i got bored and yawned in every 2 minutes. Then i browsed my old files in computer and found some pictures from my trip to Medan, North Sumatera in 2010. 

At that time, i was worked in one research institution named ICRAF, me and Angga-my co workerr, just arrived in Medan after took some field data at Singkil, Aceh. Then, we had two free hours before our flight return to Jakarta. Angga prefer to stayed at the office, and me, without any plan, impulsively took a Becak motor; a traditional public transportation that commonly be found around North Sumatera. Becak refers to three cycles transportation commonly found in Java and somehow it tied up with a 1950's or 1960's motorbike. After a hard bargain with the driver, finally i went around Medan city and sight seeing several landmarks of Medan especially around Merdeka Walk and Jalan Ahmad Yani. The most scary thing in Medan was a noisy minibus and becak motor compete with taxis and motorbikes for spaces through the crowds and heatSo, dear passenger, please fasten your seat belt and get ready for the race!

There are many buildings that still retain the Dutch architecture, these include City Hall and the central Post Office also several historic places such as Maimun Palace, home of the Sultan of Deli and the Great Mosque (Masjid Raya). And here it is, some amateur pictures that i took during my two hours trip with Becak Motor. 

Driver park his Becakmotor in 'No Park' sign

Central Post Office

The Great Mosque

Maimun Palace, home of The Sultan of  Deli

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