Gift of Nature

Another fascinating mountainous forest in Indonesia for me is Batang Toru at South Tapanuli, North Sumatera. Batang Toru is the remaining forest at Tapanuli region and it is also support habitat for wild Sumatran Orangutan. One of the environmental NGO (Non-governmental organization) named SOCP-Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme has built a small research camp in Batang Toru forest to monitor establishing research of Orangutan population there. 

At 2010 i had an opportunity to visit their camp and totally enjoy my time there. Wake up by morning call from 'Siamang', take a bath in a cool clean river, and walk with my bare feet in soft moist soil are really peacefully. In wilderness i sense the miracle of life (Charles A. Lindbergh, 1967)...

One of the amazing and unique plant which can be found in Batang Toru is a pitcher plant called Nepenthes (Kantong Semar). Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant that diverse around Borneo and Sumatera. Many are found in humid lowland area, but the majority can be found in tropical mountainous forest that receiving warm days but cool to cold humid nights year round. That's why this plant easily can be find in Batang Toru. The impressive thing from this plant is they attract insects with the odor of nectar. Once inside, the insects find it cannot get a grip on the wall of pitcher and ya, they trapped! Because of their uniqueness, lately people start exploiting it by hunting and selling them; it will be another threaten (beside habitat loss which is their major threat) for their existence in the future. 

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