Experiencing Chuseok

Wohooo!! just facing new semester and now have a long holiday for Chuseok from Saturday until Tuesday. Chuseok is kind of Korean Thanksgiving day, and it is the most important holiday in Korea because family members from near and far come together to share foods, stories and give thanks to their ancestor for abundant harvest. Many Koreans will return to their hometowns in countryside, yaiy! crowd-free!! Feels like Jakarta in Idul Fitri holiday i think.

So, today, me, Yunisa and Yunita-the twin exchange students from ITB visit Namsangol Hanok Village to experiencing some Korean cultures. Namsangol Hanok village can be access easily by subway line 3 or 4 and stop at Chungmuro Station exit no. 4. From there, you just have to walk around 5 minutes along Hanongmaeul-gil street. But, since i known as the Master of Lost, they also get this experience together with me at the first. We get lost to Namsan park not to Namsangol Hanok Village!! Hehehehe.

This area is very interesting since it standing between tall buildings. This village has five restored traditional Korean houses (Hanok),a pond, performance area and exhibition hall. For today performance they have several folk games, music performance and experiencing Chuseok for visitors like trying Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), making your own traditional mask and kite, fan and so on. To have those experiences you have to pay 3,000 won/items. From all offers, i really interested to try Hanbok and make my own mask. So exciting experiences!

We're lost and walk farther --'' stupid me.

The main gate

The Exhibition Hall

Namsan Tower in the far

Similar with 'Gasing' in Indonesia

So impressive!!!

Experiencing Hanbok

Even wearing Hanbok, i couldn't be elegant. Haish!!

Making our own mask

Voila! Our colorful mask!

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bagus banget tuh.......*lap iler*

  2. *sodorin lap* :D Hanboknya bagus ya joooo! :D

  3. itu yang lompat2 namanya apa ya? lucuuuu:))

  4. Semacam Jungkat Jungkit kalo di kita mba Tifa. Bedanya kalo di kita posisinya duduk, mereka berdiri. Jadi saat salah satu pemain nginjek papannya ke bawah, pemain disisi lain bakal lompat ke atas. Kerennya lompatannya tinggi bener dan mendarat dgn berdiri sempurna lagi di papan. Cewe yg pake Hanbok di tengah itu tugasnya sebagai penyeimbang. :)